We’re thrilled to premiere the exclusive first listen of Yammerer’s debut EP, Reality Escape Resort. Recorded at Elevator Studios over two days, the four-track release showcases the band’s hard work over the last few years of gigging.

In our Issue 98 interview with the band, lead singer J George JC comments, “a lot of our songs are first-takes, literally making them up on the spot and then we keep that blueprint for a lot of them. That’s what we took to Seasons 13-30 we wanted to bring that element of surprise to the record. The other ones are well played by us and, with this track, we felt we could show a little bit more of what we think is a valuable energy that we bring.” Escapism is particularly evident on the song Airport, with its dominant and catchy riff, chiming well with JC’s monotonous delivery, a clear mirror image of the energy found in their live shows.

The band’s debut EP, which is available Friday 22nd November via Restless Bear Records will be distributed on cassette and vinyl and are available to purchase here. You can watch them at their EP launch on 6th December at Zanizbar Club with support from The Floormen, Fumar Mata, Ohmns and an Eyesore & The Jinx DJ set.

Tune in below.

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