As part of an ongoing project, we’re happy to present the WAX & GEARS Podcast. Feeding off the thrill of all things new that is a common draw for both record diggers and bike enthusiasts, Wax & Gears is a new project from Bido Lito! that will celebrate music and cycling’s shared sense of discovery.

Following on from Craig G Pennington‘s interview with Tim Stephens and Adam Faulkner in our September 2018 issue, we asked the intrepid pair to put together a soundtrack that depicts the essence of discovery in their year-long, globetrotting adventure, Total Bike Forever. This is the third podcast in the series, inspired by the rhythms of the Indian sub-continent. It’s a groovy, upbeat audio snapshot of the pair’s travels through India, with the soundtrack plucked from multiple sources, as Tim explains in his notes:

“The powerful musical culture of India is overwhelming. You can hear it everywhere you go, from Tannoys on the street to the hundreds of Bollywood channels on the TV. That said, it’s pretty difficult to actually get hold of the names of any of the songs you hear, let alone actual copies of the tracks themselves.

“After plenty of mis-fired Shazam attempts, illegible screen shots from the music video end cards and (more often than not) downloads from USB sticks jammed into taxi drivers’ car radios, we’ve been able to bring together this mix of our favourite tracks from India. Enjoy!”


Adam and Tim have also been documenting their travels on camera, and their trip from Turkey to Bulgaria – en route to performing a DJ set at Meadows In The Mountains Festival – was the inspiration for the first of their webisodes/vlogs/very nice videos. Further adventures have seen them scale the famous Godzeri Pass in Georgia and making music in a petrol station in North West Turkey. Have a glimpse inside their cycle odyssey here…




“The muses of the dry dry deserts of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have inspired this mix. After spending the majority of our adventure through Europe and the caucuses as a 2, we raced through the desert heat as a party of 7. We were extremely happy to have the company after realising what an intense and relentless path we’d chosen. It was a welcome relief to turn the speaker on at the end of the day, share songs and put the days exhaustion behind us.

“This mix hopefully reflects the pace we were trying to travel at but at the same time have an exotic feeling of the countries we were travelling through. The first track is an italodisco lost gem that echoes our journey in the heat: ‘camel by camel through the oceans of yellow sand’. Not quite as other-worldly as the other songs in the mix but I couldn’t resist opening with it.

“Hope this transports you to that dusty dry place and time we endured through the desert! Enjoy!”


“One steamy, sweaty evening on a balcony of a hostel in Tbilisi I started making a mix that was been inspired by the tracks that Adam and I enjoyed listening to and playing at Meadows in the Mountains as well and in Istanbul.

It’s pretty hot and heavy. If you’ve ever spent any time in Tbilisi during July then you’ll know it kind of fits the weather there. We’ll be putting out a mix like this every month or so to help make sense of the things we’re seeing and hearing out here on the open road so I hope you enjoy it.”

Tim Stephens

Wax & Gears is presented as part of HSBC British Cycling’s Let’s Ride – a street festival for anyone on a bike. Let’s Ride takes place in 14 cities throughout the summer, and on Sunday 23rd September it landed in Liverpool. With a route that circled Sefton Park and Princes Avenue, Let’s Ride created a carnival atmosphere in its Sefton Park ‘festival village’-style activation, encompassing cycling, music, fantastic food and drink, demos, giveaways and activities for everyone on two wheels.

Wax & Gears was there soundtracking the Liverpool leg of Let’s Ride, with a pedal-powered stage providing the music. DJs from MELODIC DISTRACTION and DIG VINYL took us on a voyage of discovery through music’s deepest valleys and highest passes, with all of the power to run the turntables and speakers provided by the spinning pedals of the public (no diesel generators here). Audio-explorer-extraordinaire JACQUES MALCHANCE was also on hand on the afternoon to present his hypnotic Synthwerks within the Wax & Gears pedal power party.

Bido Lito Liverpool Bido Lito Liverpool