Photography: Robin Clewley

While recording their second album Sunny Hills, which was released in June this year, ALL WE ARE captured some of their creative process and their relationship to place on film. The result is a two-part documentary directed by Jack Whiteley. The first part of the documentary explores the notion of being citizens of nowhere is available to watch here and you can watch the second part of the documentary exclusively below, which focuses on the band’s relationship with the city they now live and work in, Liverpool.

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Speaking about their relationship with the city, the trio explained that “Liverpool is where we met, a home and inspiration. We feel privileged to be a small part of the rich cultural scene here and in this film we wanted to show some of the special people and places around – and ultimately what the city means to us.” With members Guro Gikling, Luís Santos and Rich O’Flynn hailing from Norway, Brazil and Ireland respectively, their experience of separate identity juxtaposed with an all-encompassing sense of togetherness permeates Sunny Hills.

You can read our interview with All We Are around the release of Sunny Hills where the trio talk further about identity and what it means to be human here.

Sunny Hills is out now via Domino Recordings.

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