THE LOST BROTHERS return with a brand new video from their forthcoming fifth album Halfway Towards A Healing. Recorded in the Arizona desert, the video for Echoes In The Wind is inspired by Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech’s time there, while the landscapes and harsh environments they found themselves in during the recording process underpin the entire album. Producer Howe Gelb “would pick us up in the morning,” recounts Mark, “and take us out into the desert. We’d walk for hours, then he’d drop us back at the studio. We’d go through songs with studio engineer Gabriel Sullivan, then Howe would meet us at the end of the day, listen to what we’d done and work on the tracks. All those trips into the desert were to get the environment into our system.”

“On the last day of recording in Tucson, our chief engineer, Gabe, took us to a photography exhibition,” Mark continues. “There was some amazing work there but the one that stuck with us was a series of bikerider photos by Danny Lyons. When it came to making a video, these images were still fresh in the mind and they seemed to tie in with the song in a weird way. We wanted to take those photos and put them into motion with the music, but set it against our own Irish landscape. Luckily, a cousin is a biker so he took his Harley Davidson out. That’s him in the video. It was all shot around the Gortin Glens, on the outskirts of Tyrone Northern in Ireland. It was shot and directed by James Coyle, an old friend and a great director, who happened to be in town at the moment we needed a video.”

You can watch the video for Echoes In The Wind exclusively below – filmed in black and white, the video accompanies the lamenting nature of the song perfectly. The Losties, who we spoke to here back in February 2015, also head out on tour in support of Halfway Towards A Healing in January and February 2018, including a date at Leaf on 2nd February.

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Echoes In The Wind is taken from Halfway Towards A Healing, which is out on 26th January via Bird Dog Records. The album is available to pre-order from

The Lost Brothers play Leaf on 2nd February. 

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