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JO MARY, the Wirral’s premiere exponents of uncompromised garage rock debauchery have dropped a video for new single Do You Want My Fucking Kidneys Too? and it’s more like a short austerity-age horror film. Recorded at the Motor Museum with James Mellor, the video for the track sees two members of the group remove another’s kidney at the Birkenhead docks. Not for the squeamish, but definitely for lovers of delicious, jumbling garage rock, you can take it all in below. And for further insight into their world, you can read the feature we did with the group earlier this year here.

Bido Lito Embeded Video

Video by benfm

Do You Want My Fucking Kidneys Too? is out now via Eggy Records and is available to stream and purchase via jomary.bandcamp.com.

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