Dream-hop artist ENNIO THE LITTLE BROTHER has announced the release of his debut album Goodbye, Magnolia Stump on 3rd April 2020. This remarkable lyricist and self-taught producer blends soulful dream pop with homemade hip hop to create a unique soundscape that we just can’t get enough of. Culturally mining his fervent imagination and hand-me-down records in his parents’ attic, Ennio crafts multilayered songs that invite us to view life through his DIY kaleidoscope. We are thrilled to present the video premiere of his single Dungarees.Dungarees is about being silly. Sometimes you’ve just got to be silly, you know?” 

Bido Lito Embeded Video

Stripping back the many layers of instrumentation to the core, Ennio approaches each live performance with joyous ingenuity triggering samples and beats via an array of loop pedals. Other tracks are pared back to guitar and vocals, delivering an entirely new vibe to their studio incarnations.

Dungarees will be released via Mai 68 Records on 28 February. Ennio The Little Brother plays Phase One on 15 May.

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