In celebration of the creative community that has surrounded The Kazimier between 2007 and 2015, this merry band of revellers from across the Kaz’s creative spectrum gathered together to bring you this fitting and festive send-off. This Is The Time is the A-side of the LIVERPOOL CENTRE OF THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE SUPERGROUP’s Christmas single, released as a 7″ double A-side, with all profits donated to the Nepal Earthbag House Appeal.

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Kazimier co-founder Laura Brownhill gathered together a dozens-strong cast of people who’ve been instrumental in the wider Kazimier collective the years as a way of having one final hurrah and celebrating the magical creative spirit the place has nurtured. The song was written by James Canty and was arranged/conducted by Jonathan Herring (of Ex-Easter Island Head and The Aleph) – below is a full list of credits and performers.

The record is available to buy now from Bandcamp both in physical and digital form.

May the magic live on!

This Is The Time by Liverpool Centre Of The Creative Universe Supergroup


Project Created by: Laura Brownhill (Kazimier co-founder)

Written by: James Canty

Arranged and conducted by: Jonathan Hering

Engineered by: Rory Malcom Ballantyne and Robert Lewis

Mixed by: Joe Wills

Camera & Filmographers: Rob Godfrey, George Ellis

Artwork and design by: Tomo

Lead Vocals: Zombina Hatchett (Gen Rosa), Howard Ashley Storey (Howard Be Thy Name), Ryan Murphy, Jimmy O’Brien, Rob Longson (Jimmy Lightfoot), Laura Powers Del Arco, Stephen Cole, Clarry Mowforth, James Canty

Acoustic guitar: Robert Lewis

Electric guitar: Andrew PM Hunt

Trumpet: Martin Smith, Rory Malcolm Ballantyne

Sax: Lisa Buckby, Nick Branton

Piano: Ria Fell

Organ: Nick Smith

Bass guitar: George Maund

Drums: Joel Murray

Jingle Bells: Joe Wills, Laurie Crombie

Shakey Egg Vibe Master: Jack Whiteley

Choir: Laura Brownhill, Rosie Wilkinson, Trev Fleming, Steve Gent, Patrick D’arcy, Lucy Styles, Sam Crombie, Samuel Garlick, Upituprecords Merseyside (Giacomo Fazi), Tall Paul, Cellan Scott, Kitty Elizabeth Ford, Joanne Tremarco, Christopher Murray, Angie Waller, Luís Santos Fred Ryall, Abii Webster, Mina Bihi, Andrew Ellis, Daniel Isler, Emily Guest, Ben Morgan, Liz Sheard, Rachel Scurry, ARLO Morgan, Frankii Phoenix, Lee Isserow (Dr Captain), Daniel Simpkins, Penny Whitehead, Ingrid and Ivor Danton, Rachael Kally Treacher, Becky Peach, Chris Herstad Carney and Kaya Herstad Carney, Jo Shelbourne, Neale Davies

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