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The Lovely Eggs
Harvest Sun @ District – 05/08

Six attempts and counting, THE LOVELY EGGS are heading to Merseyside. Soon after this interview took place the latest in a long line of rescheduled tour dates was rescheduled but, hopefully, 5th August is the day!

After a tumultuous year and a hell of a lot of time to work on new projects, including the recently released album I Am Moron, The Lovely Eggs’ next release could be a career high. A collaboration with punk royalty Iggy Pop, I, Moron is an auditory accumulation of appreciation and shared passion.

Following numerous failed attempts to sync our calendars, I finally managed to catch up with The Lovely Eggs’ Holly Ross (singer/guitarist) for a quick chat about such an impressive, career-defining moment. In our busy, regulation-reduced lives, I still pinch myself at the idea of a live calendar returning. Thankfully, this band will soon be back on tour, and any memory of Covid’s impact on our lives will be where it should be, in the past.

Six attempts at rescheduling later and you’re finally off on tour.
Yeah! The original tour was for April last year. So, a sixth time rescheduling, we’re getting a bit sick of it now. We’ve always got shit to do, but the live gigs are what really make it real for us. Our fans, playing live to people, it’s the joy of being in a band like ours. There’s only two of us. We make a lot of noise, but there is only two of us. We live together in a shithole town, in the North West of England, which is a bit like the Twin Peaks of the north. And it’s mad and magical at the same time. It’s very mundane, but it’s magical. It’s lovely living here, but it’s also wonderful to go out and see the wide world and meet like-minded people and hanging out with people who like our music. It’s kind of like living on Mars but then getting on the International Space Station and meeting loads of really cool people and then getting off for a bit. We’re really missing that at the moment, I can’t lie about that. If we can get back out on tour and just see our people again, that would be cool.

But, while you’re missing that, you’ve been doing some amazing things in the meantime.
Well, we’ve done a single with Iggy Pop, which is pretty amazing for our band. Doing something with a giant like Iggy Pop is pretty mind blowing. The single – a 7” – sold out within hours of going on sale, so we’ve just been busy packaging stuff up and getting everything ready for it. Sitting at home and doing a bit of rehearsing, hoping that we can go on tour soon which we still don’t know.

Yes, we can only hope this will be the final schedule for the tour. With venues closing, the world of social distancing and limited capacity, I can imagine you won’t be wanting to do that again anytime soon.
It’s just monotonous. You do it once, you do it again. It’s like a crossword puzzle, really. Trying to fit all the dates in the right order so you’re not playing Aberdeen one day and Brighton the next. But, as a DIY band, we’ve built fabulous relationships with so many UK venues and UK promoters, they have become like family to us. This band is our life. And I know that the promoters and the venues, a lot of them feel so similar about what they do. A lot of venues, they’re not just a venue, not just a pub or whatever. Each venue means something to a lot of people, and it means something to the people who run it. The sense of community has been amazing. I don’t think I could have booked a tour six times without all the help from the promoters and the independent venues in the UK.

But the stars aligned.
Exactly. That’s what I’m on about. I believe in shit like that. I know I shouldn’t, but there’s too much coincidence that’s happened in my life and the life of the band that I’ve just got to believe in it. A lot of weird things happen to us, I still get surprised with all the odd shit, the weird stuff. It’s never easy with us, never a straight or through line, it winds its way through a million totally mental scenarios before it gets to it actually happening. But we enjoy the ride to be fair.

The synchronicity between Iggy featuring on I, Moron, and your B-side being Dum Dum Boys, off The Idiot album, is that another example of cosmic forces?
It sounds like we did it on purpose doesn’t it and we didn’t at all. The way it all came about was strange but true. He’s been into our band for a while now, he’s played us quite a lot on his [BBC Radio 6 Music] show, which is enough for us really, we couldn’t believe it. I, Moron was initially going to be one of the tracks on the I Am Moron album, but the bit Iggy is in, we didn’t have anything for. We were working on it and one day David went, we should get Iggy Pop to do those bits. He was joking of course, but I took it dead seriously and sent him a message.

Can you have it all? You can try.

And the outcome is an obnoxious yellow single with a three-headed monster of you, David and Iggy?
It’s pretty full-on. That’s our style, really. Everything’s got to be turned up full, including the colour and everything. And Casey [Raymond, illustrator] is just amazing. We always try and include him somehow into getting up to no good and doing the illustrations for us. And he always seems to knock it out of the park. It’s almost like we’ve made a visual connection with him. A lot of mine and David’s existence is very insular, that’s how it is 90 per cent of the time, but if you can spend 10 per cent of the time working with great artists or great producers or even with friends, just dicking about doing stuff, it feels good.

It’s important to find that connection with people. But by the running theme of ‘morons’, I’m going to presume you’re not blind to the downfall of man.
We got a bit obsessed with that theme. I suppose it’s that thing where we’re saying, ‘Yeah, everything is fucked’. The world and what we do is absolutely stupid and we’re just laughing at the state of it, which we do constantly. But we’re not blameless either. We’re not saying we’re not a part of that, we are a part of that. That’s just human nature. We will always be twats. We’re like a stick of rock with twat running through us. Every single fucking one of us. And if anyone thinks different then they’re not human.

Being human has a few perks. If you’re surrounded by complimentary people.
That’s what I love about going on tour and meeting our fans, because it’s nice to find like-minded people out there, rather than just pictures on a screen. It’s a bit fake, really. But touring is great. We’ve got an eight-year-old kid as well, just to add that into the mix. We’re literally obsessed, we take him on tour with us everywhere we go. And we have done since he was four months old. That just adds to the madness of it all.

Never do anything by halves.
That’s it, that’s it. It’s about not having to give stuff up. You’ve got to change when you become a mum or a dad, you have to change and adapt. But I was born a punk rocker and as soon as I was 14, I picked up a guitar and I’ve been in a band ever since. And it just doesn’t feel natural for me to not be in a band. So, I’m not going to have a kid and then pack it all in and go and get a job in a shop or an office and be a normal mum, it’s just never going to happen. Sometimes, I think it’s good just not to change and to keep on.

I 100 per cent respect that. Society often tells women they can’t have it all, but sod that. 
I think it’s true, a couple of late nights and bloody hell. Can you have it all? You can try, but you’re not going to feel very good the next day. You do have to change a little bit, but not so much so that it stops you doing what you feel like you’re born to do.

DIY in the truest sense.
That’s it. When it’s good, it’s fucking brilliant and when it’s bad it is hard work. But the good outweighs the bad.

 I Am Moron is out now on Egg Records.


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