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THE LET GO have been gaining a fair bit of attention from the local scene since 2019 when they released their catchy rock-pop track Act One. Since then, the indie-pop duo have continued to cultivate their 80s glam aesthetic while simultaneously progressing their musical ability. Relatable lyrics fused with nostalgic 80s synth sounds are a common theme on their debut EP, Feeling Lonely, and with each song, it is evident that the pair always have something to say. “We both very much implement our own emotions and life experiences through our music,” Cole Bleu starts. “Writing is something that allows us to deal with real shit when we can’t seem to find words to say it. It helps us express ourselves without having to explain.”

With one of their most popular tracks, WOMAN, being a female empowering song lyrically, it didn’t come without its challenges. “Writing WOMAN was honestly a struggle,” Bleu admits. “At the end of the day we just want to be artists. We don’t want to be specially treated or even mistreated because we are women in this industry,” she continues. “We just want to coexist with any other artists out there – and that’s why writing this song was difficult. We tried to be as clear as possible that we aren’t furthering the divide between men and women within the industry, just trying to collectively succeed together.” In an industry dominated by men, the last few years have seen strides made towards a more equal gender mix on radio playlists and festival line-ups, but one area where women are still underrepresented is where the music is made – the studio. “In a way, the writing process was the start of us getting over the divide as it was the first time we began to fiddle with producing. It definitely initiated our curiosity, despite the field of music production being predominantly run by men,” Scout begins. “Writing this song took the fear out of the process and helped us prove to ourselves that it’s not this menacing thing, and that we are fully capable of learning the ins and outs.”

While proving to themselves that they are capable of doing what men can do in the studio, growing up, The Let Go found it hard to gather inspiration due to the lack of women in the industry to look up to. “As females [growing up in the music scene], I found it quite difficult to find people to look up to or feel as if I could follow a similar path,” Bleu opens up. “Being a small kid, most of the music I would listen to would be classic rock and roll courtesy of my father. Because of this though, I felt like there wasn’t many female bands that resonated with me,” she continued. There are numerous female fronted bands and artists in the rock and alternative genres (Paramore and Evanescence are referenced), but Bleu gets ‘pissed off’ with such comparisons: “There’s many female fronted bands and artists that are killing it, but for some reason nothing really clicked with me – and that really pissed me off. And it didn’t help that when we first started playing gigs, people would always compare us to Paramore or Evanescence,” she admits. The other half of the duo agreed with the lack of female fronted bands to instil inspiration: “Other than enjoying the way music sounds, I can’t say much inspired me other than the urge I felt to prove that girls can play guitar without using capos. In a way, all live gigs inspire me because of the small number of females fronting, and especially the severe lack of them playing instruments.”

“There is no better way to get someone to understand our message than getting it stuck in their head with a catchy melody line”

Having moved from Washington, DC to Liverpool and going from strength to strength, the female duo’s vision to get people moving their feet across the globe is starting to become a reality. “Every small milestone we’ve reached since January has stood out for me. We found a lovely manager and had a lot of support from Spotify by getting on editorials. These things have never happened to us before, and it just feels incredible to see the progress we’ve made in such a short amount of time,” Bleu adds. “Every day stands out as we continue to reach more and more people with our art,” Scout continues. “Nothing is more rewarding than adding to the clique and relating to people who resonate with us.”

The Let Go’s inquisitive disposition means their love of music lies in the never-ending pursuit. “Creating music allows us to make our message more impactful. There is no better way to get someone to understand our message than getting it stuck in their head with a catchy melody line,” Scout tells us.

Bleu reaffirms their ambition to produce music that people can identify with. “We want to impact this generation culturally. Music has always been something we both have latched onto in order to channel emotions and thoughts. And as we do this, we hope to be blunt and straightforward so that everyone can find something to relate to.”

Feeling Lonely is available now.


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