Words: Evan Moynihan

Are you ready for a more Brazilian world?

That is one of the many questions asked by THE HUMBLE MARKET: TRADE SECRETS exhibition which is currently being hosted at FACT. As one of the world’s most rapidly growing economies Brazil will impart a lot of cultural and economic influence on our ever-changing society over the next twenty to thirty years, but are we ready for it? The Humble Market is deeply thought-provoking and will make you think differently about the fifth biggest country on the planet, and about your own outlooks on life and memories.

We invited local band VASCO DA GAMA to take part in the immersive exhibition and spoke to them before and after to gauge their reactions. We think you’ll find them pretty compelling.

The Humble Market: Trade Secrets Exhibition runs until Sunday 26th August at FACT, and entry is free.

Video filmed and edited by Jenny Collins

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