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With his love of Adidas Originals and retro pop stylings, this Ormskirk native is taking his world of Tracky TV out into Liverpool’s venues.

If you had to describe your music/style in a sentence, what would you say?
I’d call it ghetto-blaster pop. I’m a pop sorcerer.

Have you always wanted to create music?
I first got into making music when my mate’s band got signed to Wall Of Sound. I used to roadie for them all around the country, they supported Reverend And The Makers, Two Door Cinema Club and Soulwax to name a few. I thought, ‘I’ll have a bit of this,’ and that’s what got me into producing tunes on the road in the back of their van.

Can you pinpoint a live gig or a piece of music that initially inspired you?
I first started getting into drum machines and synths after watching Justice at Manchester Academy – they blew my fucking mind. I got given a load of old retro synths from one of the lads who co-founded Cream and, ever since then, I’ve been writing absolute tunes!

“I just write about everyday stuff; being skint, living in the city, life with my mates” Tracky

Do you have a favourite song or piece of music to perform?
Yeh, well, all my songs are just stories about living life with my mates. I’ve got this boss tune called Pitstop Honeywhich goes, “All you ever think about is beak and money!” Best song ever written, I’m telling you!

What do you think is the overriding influence on your songwriting: other art, emotions, current affairs – or a mixture of all of these?
I just write about everyday stuff to be honest; being skint, living in the city and getting messed up.

Can you recommend an artist, band or album that Bido Lito!readers might not have heard?
I don’t listen to that much new music out of the city at the minute. My favourite new Liverpool acts are Lennie Dies – they blew the roof off at Sound City; Hanover, their new stuff sounds mega; and Gazelle is the queen. My next show is with Heavenly signings Boy Azooga – plus Seatbelts – at The Shipping Forecast on 7th June for Harvest Sun Promotions. It’s gonna go off!

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