Photography: Adele Robinson / @adelerobinson

Calypso is your latest statement to date. It’s a romantic pop ballad with an interesting title – tell us more!
I wrote Calypso in 2018 as a cutesy little dance song, based loosely around a Simpsons episode when Marge and Homer had their prom, and Homer was sad about Marge going to it and dancing with someone else. I wanted to make it a little happier and something the audience could get involved with. Whether that’s singing or clapping, just to get everyone dancing is the key to this song really!

Who were your inspirations when you were growing up?
I had plenty – Paramore, Alanis Morissette, HAIM, Fleetwood Mac. Whatever my cousins were into really, they’re the coolest people I know so I just followed suit. As I’ve gotten older my taste has obviously changed but those bands have stuck around.

Are you involved in any other projects at the moment?
I’m in two other bands with my friends! An indie-punk band called Pekipsy and an alternative rock band called MAYBANK! It’s been so fun joining these new projects, starting out by producing all the songs and challenging my production skills. Originally, I was worried at first, as I felt my guitar playing isn’t as strong as other session players but I have so much fun playing in these projects. It’s also quite fun not being the main focus of the bands!

What’s your favourite album in your collection?
At the minute my favourite album in my vinyl collection has to be Orla Gartland’s Woman On The Internet. I’ve got too many to pick from but at the minute that’s my favourite! I think Orla’s writing has always been amazing, but this album is something special – it’s so authentically her.

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?
I think a collaboration with Will Joseph Cook would be cool. I feel like our music is very similar and our voices could blend quite nicely, I’d love to collaborate with Paramore or Zuzu, too.

What’s a favourite venue you’ve performed in?
Up to now my favourite venue must be the Arts Club when we opened for L Devine. I also loved playing Future Yard, too, it’s such a special place to me as I loved the 2019 festival there and also how often do you get to play a boss gig in Birkenhead?

Who’ve you seen live recently?
Recently I’ve been to see Dodie, Orla Gartland, Will Joseph Cook, Pixey, Cassia and going to see Rina Sawayama and Monks very soon, too. Quite a wide variety but all very cool bands and artists, and it’s nice to see them playing local venues.

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