What initially inspired you all to play music together?
Mainly just a common interest in good music. We’ve been the same group of mates from right through school, then after a few years of playing guitar and writing some songs we started playing as a band.

Has music always been an interest for you all?
We’ve all grew up around good music that our parents would listen to, then obviously when you’re a teenager you discover loads more stuff. For us, the focal point of going out for a bevvy is always the music really.

There’s three singer-songwriters in the band, how does that work when you are putting together new songs?
The idea will usually come from one of us who brings it to practice, then everyone else will join in and add their own parts. So we don’t really sit down as a three to write songs together.

How does having more than one songwriter compliment your output?
There’s less pressure to be supplying loads of new tunes to practice since someone else will always be bringing new ideas to the table; or they could even help out with structuring ones you’re working on.

Describe your music in one sentence.
Better than you’d think from looking at us

What influences your songwriting the most?
We all write differently but most of the tunes come from our own experiences or just little observations in everyday life

Do you have a favourite song you like to perform live?
We finish every live set with an unreleased song called Living it Large which we can’t wait to bring out next year.

If you could support anyone, who would it be and why?
There’s loads of bands we all love that have packed in playing now. But it would be boss one day to support The Coral, for obvious reasons. They just have such a wide range of heavy songs and are definitely up there with the best Liverpool bands ever.

Why is music important to you all?
It’s just a good escape from life, and it could fit any mood you’re in. The first and last thing we all do each day would be listening to music.

What has been your favourite venue to perform in and why?
Either Hanger 34 or the Arts Club Theatre. Both just have nice big stages and you always get a good sound in there.

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