Taking inspiration from the likes of Jamie Lenman, Queens Of The Stone Age and Biffy Clyro, SPQR bring forth their own brand of thoughtful hard rock. Made up of Peter Harrison (Guitar, Vocals), Bex Denton (Drums) and Nick Daniel (Bass), the band describe the music they make as “Rock music, with all the thought and feeling that comes with that name!”

SPQR’s latest single, Suffer, comes from the forthcoming debut EP, entitled The House That Doubt Built. Suffer has a heavy, abrasive rock sound, with direct, harsh and intelligent lyrics. When asked what the song was about, Harrison explained that it’s “about a little portion of personal suffering I was dealing with at the time of writing. I was angry with bands that are not genuine, at the inability to communicate feelings to other people adequately, and about this terrible thing I seem to do where I change who I am and how I act depending on how a person responds. An unhealthy behaviour that leaves me feeling like I’ve auctioned and ‘sold’ a bit of myself off to every person I meet! Seems like the song is about all kinds of things all over the place, doesn’t it? A good example of my brain at the time!”

"You must write because you must, because it’s ready to happen and it’s dying to come out!" Peter Harrison

Although SPQR take influences ranging from Jamie Lenman and Queens Of The Stone Age to Radiohead and Jamie T, the band’s songwriting is shaped by their own personal experiences, as well as their musical abilities. “I think my musicianship influences my songwriting because it’s a bit shit! It keeps me down to earth with what I know. The best place to be. No 14-minute shred sessions, thank Christ…”, Harrison jokes before adding, “I keep it all simple to start, then make it more complex as it develops. I much prefer being a songwriter too. That’s my happy place and the place I feel most free. I didn’t take much influence from an artist’s songs when I started SPQR, but more from their outlook on how to make music and to keep it yours. I’ve learned more than ever that you must write because you must, because it’s ready to happen and it’s dying to come out! I have learned you have to be honest with yourself and stay in your own little world, doing things your own little way. It’s how you keep it all special.”

With all the talk about keeping SPQR’s music special, we ask Harrison what makes music so vital to him. “It’s important because I still believe in its incredible and unique ability to stir emotions and really MOVE people, sometimes to the point where we change ourselves because of a piece of music we’ve heard! Isn’t that a wonderful thing? It gets buried with layer upon layer of shit, and the more I see of the music industry the deeper it seems to get covered. BUT! Beyond all the ego and the posing and the money and the silly labels it’s still there shining away! It’s just harder to see these days, I think.”


The House That Doubt Built is out in September. Bido Lito! members get an exclusive track from SPQR in their digital bundle this month. Find out more here.

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