If you could describe your music style in one sentence, what would you say?
Cinematic Electronic soundscapes with bold production, intertwined with poetic lyrics that give a fragile delicacy to the story.

How have you been spending lockdown?
Being unable to be in a room all together is really hard for us, as we just buzz off that creative energy of being together, writing, recording and just creating art.

Not even a global crisis can stop us from creating! We’ve been finding alternative ways to still work; Keeley’s been creating productions and then sending them over to Aimee and Amber who record remotely. We have also recently collaborated with Everton in The Community and have designed a song writing competition for them as a way to engage with young people. Then the winner’s song is recorded with us when we can get back in the studio.

Have you always wanted to create music, how did you get into it?
Aimee has been singing since she was little and started recording and making music after meeting Keeley and Amber at youth theatre. Amber played drums from child and slowly picked up guitar. Songwriting for her started as a hobby, writing about TV characters and their stories. Keeley’s love for electronic sounds has always been there but it was 4 years ago when she jumped headfirst into production! Since then it’s been a daily obsession.

“There is something powerful in the possibility that someone on the other side of the world can connect with you.” Rise Athena

Can you pinpoint a live gig that initially inspired you?
We have definitely all been inspired at gigs countless times whether that is together or separately. One gig that we went to altogether as a band was to see Lizzo and that was insane! Her level of confidence and ability to just bring the fun and the energy was inspiring and something we would love to try to recreate in our own way.

What is your favourite song to perform what does it say about you?
We just love any opportunity to get on stage together and play any of our songs, but it would be fair to say that there is a special feeling in the room when we play Sink In Sin. It was the first song we created together and was originally released before we were Rise Athena, but we created an extended cut to release under Rise Athena and it just goes off! It’s probably the one people know best at the minute and it’s catchy so the crowd get involved and it feels amazing.

Do you have an overriding influence for song writing? What do you draw from?
We draw from a lot of different things when we’re writing: ourselves, society and other stories that inspire or make us feel something. As we have all grown up in theatrical environments, we find it quite easy to create random characters and stories and write about them and hope that people can relate.


What is the first gig you attended?
First gig we attended together was the earlier mentioned Lizzo show! Crazy levels of energy on the stage. The confidence, the control, the VOCALS! Everything was just ridiculous. Looking forward to catching her live on stage sometime soon!

 Do you have a favourite venue you’ve performed in, what makes it special?
We loved performing in the Jacaranda Basement, it’s such an intimate venue and with it being underground it just heightens the energy and make everything feel a little bit more special. It’s so easy down there to forget about the rest of the world and just enjoy the music. No phone signal. No distractions. However, we’re looking forward to our Cavern gig with Dave Monks (which was postponed due to Covid.) That will be a special night, we have so many surprises planned!

Why is music so important to you?
Music is an opportunity not only to express ourselves and say what we need to say but also to get a message out into the world and connect with other people who you otherwise might never meet. There is something powerful in the possibility that someone on the other side of the world who you will never meet could connect with you even if it is just for 3 minutes.

Can you recommend an artist that Bido Lito! readers may not have heard of?
We have so much love for Smallmouth. Ella and Eve’s harmonies and ethereal voices are so beautiful. They are Liverpool-based and we love their electronic element.

Bleed For You is out now.

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