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With only four of their songs on Spotify, MIG 15 are a bit of a mystery online; it may be a smart move on their part.

This newly formed four-piece toured with OMD on their 2019 Souvenir tour. Frontman Adam Bray describes it as being “thrown in at the deep end”, having only played one warm-up gig prior to the tour. With their Christmas show at Jimmy’s finishing off last year, MiG 15 are set to bring their twisted 80s indie/pop vibe into 2020 and to the ears of their new following.

Bray has been performing for over a decade, however the current formation of MiG 15 is only six months old, with guitarist James Morris (who also plays with Bido Lito! favourite Aimée Steven) being the newest recruit. Bray describes the experience of the tour as cementing the knowledge that “practice makes perfect”. The foursome brought their punk attitude to the stage at their recent show at Baltic Social, but their set in support of OMD in Sheffield City Hall was electric – perhaps unsurprisingly given that the audience numbers increased from 50 to just under 3,000. “Playing to a sold-out crowd of that size in that venue still brings a smile to our faces every time we think about it,” Bray says, smiling.

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What MiG 15 have taken from the Wirral greats is that no individual is anything without their band members; each openly have their limitations, but as a unit they aren’t shy about how they’ve had to work at their craft. Having come together after leading lives so deeply intertwined with music – from famous family members to childhood obsessions with Johnny Cash – the four have undeniably bonded as a group. This bond isn’t just evident upon meeting them, but shines through in the tightness of their performances and the humour they exude; this came in handy in Sheffield, when a potential guitar string disaster was breezed over by fronting it out with an otherwise oblivious audience.

The band’s fanbase has grown through impressive performances and word of mouth. Their standout song, Rolling Thunder, is a fan favourite. Bray explains the beauty of the track perfectly: “It’s a fast paced, unapologetic, three chord confession on my views on religion.” The track steps away from the 1950s-style harmonies that weave through songs like Dials and Cellophane Girl, as the band incorporate the beauty of the past with their vision for their future. They walk the tightrope of old and new, balancing on a line that few have the ability to master. Not set in their ways as so many can be critiqued to be, but instead explore the unity between genres, times and spaces. Their songs explore what so many avoid, from the aforementioned religion to being obsessively stuck on reliving memories, nothing feels taboo or off limits, but their sound offers safety with its nod to what has been.

“The fact that we then get to play our music every night in these beautiful places to an audience of people is just the icing on the cake” MiG 15

OMD weren’t the only ones to be captivated by MiG 15, with the band also securing a six-day tour slot with Love Fame Tragedy later this year. After wooing an older audience, these likely lads are set to capture the interest of a younger crowd; one that they are arguably better suited to. Music is clearly so powerful in each of their lives and as they explain: “The fact that we then get to play our music every night in these beautiful places to an audience of people is just the icing on the cake.”

The quartet are currently recording in Parr Street Studios, and the hope is that their upcoming releases will only quicken to their gathering momentum. If all goes well, maybe they’ll follow in the footsteps of Zuzu and The Mysterines and secure a space on the next NME 100 list.


MiG15 will be supporting Love Fame Tragedy on their UK tour starting on 25th February. New single Bite The Bullet is out now.

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