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“Samples, sub and sass.” Kate Hazeldine provides a very fitting description for the electro-Kate Bush sound of her project, LUNA. “It’s almost like my alter-ego… all the things I try to be. That’s why, when I am songwriting, I am truly myself, laying everything bare through my lyrics.”

Recently snagging a spot within LIMF Academy’s top 20 artists for 2017, Kate’s musical curiosity has permeated her life since early childhood. “I started learning piano from the age of six, then writing silly little songs shortly after,” she explains. “My mum was constantly blaring Kate Bush out of the kitchen speakers, so it was something I grew up enveloped in.” But Kate’s dream didn’t finally become a reality until she moved to Liverpool five years ago, when she started performing and dedicating more time to producing music.

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It’s this crystal-clear production, as well as the sound and vision behind her music, that makes LUNA stand out in the world of electronic music. “I write and produce everything, then my bezzie Nathan plays beats and samples live. I co-produced my last three singles, but now I’m working solo on producing new material and working towards mixing and mastering everything myself.”

The relationship between Kate’s own world and LUNA’s is an interesting one; Kate has created an enigmatic persona for her creative output, using her own experiences as a jumping-off point. She’s also unafraid to talk about current affairs. “Much of my writing is based upon my own emotions or feelings, or about someone/something completely different – a character or scenario I’ve built around a phrase I like, for instance.”

"Music is that one shoulder to lean on when the rest of the world turns its back" Kate Hazeldine

“As a musician, particularly at the moment, I think it’s important to respond through our craft. To have music as a communicative medium puts us in a powerful position – it’s easily accessible, allows us to express our opinions honestly and appeal to the masses, and so we should make full use of that. However, I also think it’s good to address the balance with songs about the trivial to provide that escapism from the world we live in sometimes.”

The importance of music is clear within Kate’s life; it’s apparent it’s been her sole passion since she was a child. She enthuses that, “Music is that one shoulder to lean on when the rest of the world turns its back. It’s always been my outlet and the only way I can truly express how I’m feeling,” before adding, “On a more universal level, I admire the power it has to connect anyone with anyone – it eradicates social barriers and truly allows you to release your inhibitions.”

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