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“International supersonic spectral wave Liverpool band”. As far as band self-assessments go, this is a great effort. It’s also a wonderfully accurate summation of HER’S.

International; the duo bring together their respective seaside towns of Kristiansand in Norway and Barrow-in-Furness. Supersonic; Audun Laading and Stephen Fitzpatrick have managed to build a large following around the world, as well as record an album’s worth of material in just 18 months. Their sound, often compared with the laconic stylings of Mac Demarco, as well as the cool croon of Julian Casablancas, has the spectral quality of a variety of musical styles from a host of past decades.

So how did it all begin? “The tale of Her’s dates back to a late January 2015 night. After a few months of intense bonding, we ended up making a conceptual video late one night, to which the soundtrack was the first Her’s song to be born. The video consisted of meal deals, milk, topless running through China Town and some sick, slow-mo dance shapes,” the duo recall. “And who wouldn’t wanna keep doing that?”

The band have quickly made themselves known to the Liverpool gig-going public with their faces regularly cropping up on support bills around town. Audun’s dance moves and the infectious back-and-forth banter between the trans-North Sea siblings make Her’s a proposition difficult not to like – the humour in songs like Speed Racer and their social media output only adds to the fun. Her’s are also part of a tight-knit community of bands currently studying at LIPA, that also includes Trudy And The Romance, Pink Kink and Broom Of The System. So how do they see themselves in Liverpool’s music ecosystem? “We definitely identify as outsiders within the scene. We’ve got a lot of very good mates all around the industry though – promoters and bands. Liverpool’s bustling music scene is a hard one to conquer though, as there’s a lot of variety in taste. But, all in all, there’s a nice chilled, casual vibe to the industry here.”

While there are some more easily identifiable influences in the Her’s sound, there are other inspirations bubbling under the surface. “We’ve done a lot of bonding over Ariel Pink and The Smiths to name a couple,” they venture. “But we’re forever sharing tunes from multiple decades, forever searching for truth and answers to the bigger questions in life. We have an undying love for David Lynch [and are] constantly trying to create the audible version of his aesthetic.” Some of these influences can be heard on the band’s constantly evolving Ear Tapas Spotify playlist which consists of a dizzying array of artists from Thin Lizzy to The Space Lady. It’s a delectable treat and a window into the Her’s world.

Her’s have been steadily releasing tunes for their short lifespan and the new nine track compilation Songs Of Her’s is a handy primer which also includes some previously unreleased goodies. It’s a collection that demonstrates a band not afraid to throw around disparate ideas and achieve some truly special slacker indie moments.

Songs Of Her’s is out now. Bido Lito! members get a track from the album for download. Find out more here.

Watch the video for Speed Racer here.

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