Just to get a bit more information from you: who is HAARM? Who does what in the band?
There are three core members of the band; Jen (Vocals, Synth), Chris (Vocals, Guitar) and Olly (Drums, Programming) and we write all the material and play on the recordings. When we play live, Olly’s brother, Dylan, plays bass for us.

If you had to describe your music in a sentence, what would you say?
We try to create pop songs that have depth, lyrically and musically. There is a lot of emphasis on rhythm – we put a great deal of thought into the drum and bass parts, and then we build on top of that with layered synth sounds and guitar parts.

What’s the next song you have out – and what does it say about you?
The next song is called Endangered Species and it’s a song we wrote about the gifted people we lost in 2016 and how we should treasure people whilst they’re still around. We recorded it in Real World studios down in Bath with a producer called Steve Osborne who has worked with New Order and Doves. He taught us to concentrate on how music feels and the beauty of spontaneity.

Why is music important to you?
Music is important because it evokes memories or emotions in everybody. Sometimes you listen to a song and it immediately takes you back to a specific day and time, you remember what you were doing and who you were doing it with. In hard times, you can always take solace with a song that means something to you, or a playlist you’ve made of your favourite songs. There aren’t many things that don’t actually physically exist that can do that.


Endangered Species is out on 9th June via Big Life Management. Bido Lito! members can access an exclusive live version of the track. Find out more here.



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