Alternative electronica duo GOD ON MY RIGHT have nailed their delectably dark aesthetic, and created immersive pop tunes reverent of late 80s synth-pop. With influences ranging from Muse, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails – of whom they both have matching tattoos in honour – the Liverpool brothers have made sure their music keeps their inspirations in mind all while creating something fresh. “Our music is quite direct and focused, and although often heavy and aggressive, it’s more often about restraint.”

Their latest single, Not So Young, demonstrates the duo’s ability to keep both electronica and 80s synth pop separate and conclusive. A mini-manifesto of sorts, the track is indicative of their outlook on other forms of art – and also the world about them. “We don’t close our eyes to what’s happening around us and feel really strongly about a lot of issues, so that will always seep into what we are doing in some way.” A live version of the impressive, pulsating track is captured in our very first SAE Live Lounge x Bido Lito! session, which you can watch below.



Having grown up with a mutual admiration for expressive musical bombast, it took some time for the pair to put their sibling chemistry to use on their own projects – though you could never tell this now when watching them live. “We have always talked about doing a project like this,” says Sean. “We worked together a lot in the past on film and art projects but lived at opposite ends of the country, so it’s only now that we have finally been in a position to really do this properly. We’ve always loved music though and we have really similar tastes.” Deltasonic Records were suitably impressed by the possibilities that the sibling powerhouse possess that they released the pair’s debut EP, Swallow, at the end of 2017.

As well as Not So Young, they pinpoint other tracks that they enjoy bringing to the live arena. “I like playing a song we have called Fear,” says Sean, “as it’s a chance to let loose a bit and have a bit of a release. Most of our songs don’t allow for that. Black Rope is always great to play, even on a really bad night we usually get a good reaction from it.”

“Music is one of the purest forms of art – it’s got the power to bring people together” Sean and Michael Hollywood

“I enjoy playing Black Rope too,” chips in Michael. “Its layers build to a bit of a frenzy and to feel an audience nodding their heads to the beat as you play is pretty cool. You have to see us play these songs live to know what they say about us though.”

Both Sean and Michael are intent on their reasoning on why music is important to them, and ultimately the reasoning abides by the rolling inspiration to why they continue to make music. “Music is one of the purest forms of art. Nothing engages with our emotions as directly and as profoundly as music does – it’s got this amazing power to bring people together.”

That pull towards the thrill of a live show is evident in God On My Right’s output, one which is echoed by Sean’s outlook. “Every time I see a great show I get that inspiring feeling again that helps keep me going.” The gripping experience that is a Young Fathers gig has obviously left a mark on the Hollywood brothers, as they list the trio from Edinburgh as an ideal act to support in the future. “We have so much respect for them as artists in terms of what they stand for.” Although, they wouldn’t turn down Nine Inch Nails either. “If Trent ever called, we’d come running without hesitation.”
Swallow is out now via Deltasonic Records. Check out the SAE Liverpool studios for yourself here.

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