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“A sense of place has been very important to all the music I’ve been involved in no matter where I’ve been living, from the Outfit records to DIALECT, I’m very influenced by my surroundings.” The third and latest full-length release from Andrew PM Hunt under his Dialect moniker, Loose Blooms, continues in this vein of dealing with place and the environment: “I suppose the main thing [this record] says about me is that I’m obsessed with rocks! Specifically, it’s inspired by landscapes and how we as people shape them and how they in turn shape us. It’s my attempt to make a kind of musical monument to the power of nature and the interconnectedness of it all.” Available on a limited edition cassette, Loose Blooms was inspired by trips to contrasting environments; the desert border states of the American south and the remote Scottish Highlands.

Though Hunt was inspired by different natural extremes on Loose Blooms, the urban environment has weaved its way into his past realease with 2015’s Gowanus Drifts inspired by his time living in New York: “When I was living in NYC, I made a record all about the area I lived in, which had a lot of similarities to Liverpool actually. It was like a love letter to the neighbourhood.” Based in Liverpool again, the city has become an ideal backdrop for continuing his work: “Liverpool is great because it’s cheap enough to have free time to make music and the city is small enough to feel like a community but has enough going on not to feel like you’re out of the loop in some backwater town.”

Though Liverpool is often referred to as a city of songwriters, songwriting is the tip of the iceberg of what Hunt does as a musician, as he explains: “When I was doing Outfit, I would write songs in a relatively traditional manner but with Dialect it’s a much broader thing. It doesn’t have to be a particular shape or even ‘do anything’ necessarily.” Taking on a more holistic approach to his work, Hunt elaborates, “There’s more of a collage approach going on that allows me to bring together a lot of different sounds and influences which is really satisfying.” Working with other mediums and on other projects also helps to diversify his creative outputs: “I work in radio too and when I’m putting a show together or just listening to music, it all feels part of the same project, like research or something. I also work as a session musician which keeps me on my toes. I’m not a specialist in any one thing, which is a blessing and a curse.”

As for the future, Hunt endeavours to “Just keep on listening, playing, refining and staying open to new ideas… The dream is to have creative unity across your life”. With a spoken word collaboration with MC Farhood in the pipeline, as well as further work with the Dunes label he set up with his wife earlier this year, it seems that vision isn’t too far off being realised.
Loose Blooms is out now.

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