Ranging from danceable 80s pop to lo-fi bedroom productions, this Ormskirk native’s lush music has caught the attention of The Label Recordings, who release CSP’s debut single in December.

If you had to describe your style in a sentence, what would you say?
‘Bedroom indie pop’ is the usual summary, but it’s rather genre-less, in the sense that one song will sound like an indie pop banger, and then the next will sound like you’ve got a DeLorean back to the 80s; but whatever it is, the sound is quite often very laid-back, because that’s the sort of person I am.

Have you always wanted to create music?
Nope, I wanted to be a car designer up until I was 16. Then after flunking college, I spent some time thinking about what I actually wanted to do in life and I kind of naturally fell into writing music about love and stuff.


Can you pinpoint a live gig or a piece of music that initially inspired you?
I think probably when I went to see The 1975 back in 2014. The music was incredible, they were the first band I’d properly fallen in love with and the fact it looked so cool to be up there playing groovy indie tunes to thousands of people, I was just inspired to start making.

Do you have a favourite song or piece of music to perform? What does it say about you?
I’ve just written a new track in the past few weeks, which is not the sort of music I usually write, but I love it for that reason. It’s about partying in the 80s, which is the only music I actually feel comfortable dancing along to. Because of that, it’s quite a groovy, 80s-sounding song, so I can dance along.

"There’s something special about music that you don’t get with anything else… It just allows me to express myself in ways that I can’t otherwise do"

What do you think is the overriding influence on your songwriting: other art, emotions, current affairs – or a mixture of all of these?
Mostly I’d say my emotions, like trying to explain my feelings. Although, I’m kind of branching out of that lately, to give myself more credibility – I hope – with some more political tracks referencing Donald Trump and Brexit. Sometimes I mess around on Photoshop with some visual ideas and then write a song off the back of that, so I try to mix it up.

Why is music important to you?
It’s important to me, because it just allows me to express myself in ways that I can’t otherwise do. Even before I was making it, just listening to music helped me release something inside, it felt like therapy for whatever I was going through. I think there’s something special about music that you don’t get with anything else, it’s hard to put my finger on what I mean exactly, but it just helps. Whatever you’re feeling, you can find a piece of music that will help in whatever way you need, whether it’s a ‘make you feel better’ dance song or a ‘cry along to’ emotional song. I have a sweater that says, ‘Life without music would B♭’ and there’s nothing that more sums up music for me than that.


Charity Shop Pop’s debut single Always You is released on 7th December on The Label Recordings.

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