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CARTWHEELS ON GLASS mix dark humour and stark reality to create “manic depressive pop music”. Vocalist and guitarist Craig Sinclair gives us an insight on the world of the five-piece.


How did you get into music?
I started out as an unbearable Joy-Division/Radiohead obsessed teenager with dreams of being famous. The unforgiving years ground those dreams to dust and now I’m just happy to play toilet venues to a handful of enthusiastic thirtysomethings.

What’s the latest song/EP/album you have you – and what does it say about you?
<u”>Up The Dosage is our current single. I think it says a lot about me personally – that I have a string of failed relationships behind me, that I struggle with mental health problems and that I’m a low-level functioning alcoholic. But when I sing about it, it’s funnier than that.

Did you have any particular artists in mind as an influence when you started out? What about them do you think you’ve taken into your music?
Speaking for everyone in the band I’d say we all share a love of The Smiths. For me personally, these boys I’m working with are so clever that it’s just a dream to be able to get them to arrange my songs and hear them play. I love doo-wop and 50s/60s heartbreak pop music – it’s like listening to ghosts.

What are the overriding external influences on your music – other art/surroundings/experiences?
For me, films are a huge influence. I love the past and wish with all my heart it was the 1950s. I like writers who can be funny and tragic at the same time like Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood.

"For me personally, these boys I'm working with are so clever that it's just a dream to be able to get them to arrange my songs and hear them play" Craig Sinclair

What are you ambitions for Cartwheels On Glass?
We have no ambitions at all beyond continuing to make music and enjoying doing it. I hope people like it but I’ve stood at the screaming precipice of success before and the brown glare from the bullshit damn near blinded me, so we won’t be playing the game. I should stress it’s lovely when people are positive though!

What do you like doing away from music?
Collectively speaking we like watching films and good TV, photography and filmmaking, writing and making each other laugh. Comedy is a huge thing for all of us. I cry from laughing so hard when I’m around the people in this band.

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