How did you get into music?
Anthony: I probably got into music through skateboarding. As a kid, it was all I did and naturally I got sucked into the cultures that come with it. When I was 13 I wanted a drum kit. My mum was like ‘fuck that’ and bought me my first guitar instead and I haven’t stopped since then. I guess she’s the sole reason I’m a guitarist today.

George: I broke my leg playing football at 16 so I bought a bass, listened to my dad’s record collection and started smoking. 12 years later, I am here.

What’s the latest song you have out and what does it say about you?
We released Häyhä our first single with a video in February and have a four-track EP and new single coming out at the end of the year. Häyhä was a good song to represent who we are and what we are about.

How does where you are from affect your writing, if at all?
G: I guess it does for me. Being from the edge of London and Kent, the music scene I was exposed to down there was very heavy and metal-y and I would say that rubbed off on me. I like the heavier stuff. The more beat downs the better for me.

A: I’m from down the road in friendly Widnes. The town has always had an ‘indie’ scene but I’ve always edged towards heavier, more epic stuff.

How do you see your career progressing from where you are now (in an ideal situation)?
Play more gigs. Write more music. Record new music. See new places. Meet new people. Hope we can do that enough times that it funds the next time we do that. Do it so much and so well that we start to make a profit from it and then can spend that profit to make it better each time… Something like that.
Bisch Nadar’s self-titled debut EP is out on 8th December. Bido Lito! Members can hear an exclusive track from it in this month’s digital bundle. Head to to find out more.

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