How did you get into music?
I’ve loved music all my life. I can always remember singing a lot of Jackson 5 and other popular music as a kid. I really got into music through my stutter, which I have had since I can remember. It was so bad as a kid that I can remember being nervous whenever I spoke. It wasn’t until I was in the car with my brother when I was, like, eight, and he was playing Kanye West’s College Dropout album, I started to rap along without stuttering at all. Since that day, the rest is history.

How does where you are from affect your writing?
I don’t think it does really. I mean, being from Cambridge has a ‘posh’ stigma around it, but I’ve just got used to that now. At the end of the day, ‘it ain’t where you from it’s where you at’.

What’s the latest release you have you – and what does it say about you?
My latest LP is called $mells Of Beef. It is an ode to what bullies used to say to me at school – ‘Christopher Heath smells of beef’ – which, by the way, is the worst insult. It is me saying to anyone in the world that tries to stop me on this path that I will continue to push on, and, even better, make them the laughing stock. I’m really proud of that body of work: it has different styles of beat, sick flows and is topped with nice hooks.

"It is me saying to anyone in the world that tries to stop me on this path that I will continue to push on" BiG HEATH

Did you have any particular artists in mind as an influence when you started out?
One of my favourite rappers as a kid was Kanye West; I love his attitude. Some call him cocky, but I call him confident – there is a fine line. He always said, if you’re a fan of his, you’re a fan of yourself – I liked that a lot. He has a sense of self-love and proudness that I always respected and like to think I’ve added to my music. I loved Biggie’s flow, it was so free and off-beat, which I studied a lot. It terms of melodies, I used to dig Nate Dogg loads; that guy was so good he could make a song about your dead nan sound good. I always loved Akon a lot as well; I’ve just always loved good hooks, which is something I try to work hard on.

How do you see your career progressing from where you are now?
My dream is to tour the world man, that’s always been my dream. I love culture and am fascinated by how music brings people together all around the world despite language barriers – man, I find that stuff crazy. I’m trying to build a brand for myself and love vlogging, so maybe try and grow my personality more as well.

Why is music important to you?
Music is so important to me, because it makes me have a purpose. I was a smart kid in school with good grades and could easily have gone straight into a well-paid 9-5 career, but I was always in love with music. I can’t explain the feeling when I’m on stage, it’s just mad. I just love making people smile, whether that’s through laughter or music – but it’s normally through music.

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