We love Ana Mae’s psychified doo-wop ditties, and we’re pretty sure you will too.


If you had to describe your music in a sentence, what would you say?
It’s pretty dreamy, with a soulful vintage feel.

How did you get into music?
Since I can remember I’ve always made a lot of noise and wanted to create. I loved hearing my mum sing songs around the house when I was a kid. My family loves music, so I do. I was a weird child and spent a lot of time playing alone and making up imaginary worlds, games and songs. Growing up I was awkward and unsure whether I would really ever be able to perform any songs I’d written. I suppose now I’ve found my sound and it fits right, so I’m happy to share it.

Can you pinpoint a live gig or a piece of music that initially inspired you?
So, I have two answers for this, which I reckon have left equal imprints on me. First is about my dad who has been playing guitar forever; I remember waking up to hear him playing Here Comes The Sun most mornings when I was little. This made me want to play the guitar too. The second is about my grandma and her showing me Nat King Cole when I was about 10 and describing his voice to me as velvet, his singing made her so happy. This made me want to sing too.

Do you have a favourite song or piece of music to perform? What does it say about you?
To be honest I really like performing a song called Honey Somewhere that I wrote ages and ages ago. It’s been re-worked and performed with different people in different ways but it still makes me smile. It’s about fighting off your demons and feeling sweet and sound in a savoury place, I suppose this is something I’ll always relate to.

What do you think is the overriding influence on your songwriting: other art, emotions, current affairs or a mixture of all of these?
It’s a mixture, I think. When I write songs I pick things out from the past or the present or consider the future, or just make things up like fantasy. I love how there aren’t rules or lines to follow and you can really just go on about whatever you like if it sounds right. Sometimes a little more meaning is involved though, of course. Writing stuff is like having a mate you can tell anything to.

“Writing music is like having a mate you can tell anything to” Ana Mae

If you could support any artist in the future, who would it be?
Probably Björk. She’s the queen of musical magic to me and I love her so.

Why is music important to you?
Because, even when I feel like shit, if I put my favourite songs or albums on I feel better. There’s music for every mood. It can be emotive and empathic and feel what I feel if that’s what I need. Sometimes it’s good to listen to something overtly heavy to just take my mind off stuff too. I think I mentioned before it’s like my mate, always there.


That I Would Do is out now on SoundCloud.

Ana Mae plays the Eggy Records Showcase as part of the BBC 6 Music Festival Fringe on Saturday 29th March at Shipping Forecast.

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