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If you had to describe your music/style in a sentence, what would you say?
Deviated rock music for non-music enthusiasts.

Have you always wanted to create music? How did you get into it?
I’ve always been creative in different ways, but it wasn’t until I was around the age of 16 that I fell in to playing instruments and trying to play songs that I had written with friends.

Can you pinpoint a live gig or a piece of music that initially inspired you?
When I first heard Ceremony by New Order, I felt compelled to share my stories and emotions and things I’d written and I’ve carried on doing it ever since. I was always making things prior to that, but I think that was one of the first times that I felt inspired to make art in the ways that I do now.

Do you have a favourite song or piece of music to perform? What does it say about you?
I like playing a song called Perfect Circles, which is the last song on the album Excess (which we are releasing later this year). I think the things I want to say in my art at this moment in time are communicated as simply as possible in that song.

“Music has evoked the strongest and longest lasting feelings in me”

What do you think is the overriding influence on your songwriting: other art, emotions, current affairs – or a mixture of all of these?
I try to pull from any and every influence, whether it is from the things I see and feel and experience or things happening around me and in the world. Making art is a very cathartic experience for me and I have to be able to talk about different things in order to make sense of them.

If you could support any artist in the future, who would it be?
Probably Paul McCartney, predictably. Or Brian Eno, in some way.

Do you have a favourite venue you’ve performed in? If so, what makes it special?
My favourite venues have probably been Sound in Liverpool, The Prince Albert in Brighton, and Aatma in Manchester.

Why is music important to you?
Music is the easiest way for me to express myself and I can’t imagine it not being something I would do. Music has generally evoked the strongest and longest lasting feelings in me compared to other art and, for that reason, it has been central to everything I do for as long as I can remember.


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