One of the long-held Sound City maxims is that you’re never far away from discovering your new favourite band. Here are some suggestions from this year’s line-up to look out for – and see our festival playlist for a full list of Bido Lito! highlights.





Council Records

Give your eardrums a sizzle with this red-hot techno punk number. Bristol’s SCALPING have materialised from some dark recess of the space-time continuum, where some freak accident has allowed grot punk and electro doom to fuse together. And we’re glad for it. Both of their singles to date, Chamber and Satan II, have also received some smart remix treatment. Not one for dinner parties – unless you’re looking to start a fight.


Russell Louder
Light Of The Moon
Lisbon Lux Records

When they’re not busy curating ‘Glam Cave’ parties back in their home town of Charlottestown, Canada, RUSSELL LOUDER is straining their Peter Gabriel and La Roux influences through a filter of polished electronica. Romance, identity, resistance – they’re all packed inside this glistening pop nugget. Sound City is Louder’s debut UK performance, so you’re in for an exclusive treat if you’ve got a ticket for this one.


Miniature World
Ra-Ra Rok Records

There’s something weird going on in South London’s music scene. Anywhere that lets the likes of Fat White Family, Meatraffle and Madonnatron lurch around making a racket must have something going for it. They’ve also got PHOBOPHOBES, who turn the garage psych dial way past ‘weird’ on their debut album. Full of stabs of organ and shuffling grooves, it’s a more well-rounded version of the sleaze ‘n’ roll that we’re used to seeing from that particular parish. Which is nice.


Penelope Isles
Bella Union

Float away with this characteristically hypnotic ditty from Bella Union’s newest charges. Originally from the Isle Of Man, the quartet behind this lush ode to swimming pool cleaning agents are well versed in their indie history, as they cram in elements of Deerhunter, The Thrills and even Radiohead. A full album is due in July – and you can say you’ve seen ‘em before all your hip mates, who’ll soon be dropping them into their conversations about the latest “buzz bands”.

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