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Winds & Skins

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SisBis @ 24 Kitchen Street 23/2/19

SisBis stands tall as a night for the people of Liverpool. It’s for all music lovers, there isn’t a certain group of people that you will find at the event. It’s also non-profit, with all the money taken on the door going to help Refugee Women Connect, a charity that supports refugee and asylum-seeking women, especially mothers, who have settled in the city of Liverpool. Free donations of nappies, period products and baby clothes are also welcomed and any pledges are given to the charity. Now partnering with Resident Advisor, 50p of the booking fee will also go towards good causes.

The music is highly variable at SisBis. It keeps you on your toes. There’s no other way to explain it, perhaps only in the way the curators explained it themselves: unrestricted cuts, jazz-funk, celestial grooves and soulful beats from across the globe. Tonight DONNA LEAKE, the first DJ to play at a SisBis gig, is back with her crew of DEBORA IPEKEL and ECE DUZGIT, aka WINDS & SKINS.

GIOVANNA, a member of SisBis, steps up to play through the start of the night. The songs vary from old-school dancehall with New Yorker by Johnny Ringo along with the experimental and out of this world Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie by Roberto De Simone. By the end of the set, the crowd is present, ready for Winds & Skins to hit the stage.

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Similar to Giovanna, the girls make sure that the selection keeps one ski slightly off-piste. The smooth and funky Lipstick (Shout) by JM Black feels like something from of GTA soundtrack. Further in, the hypnotic sounds of the tabla come through with Rapanagatun by Zakir Hussain, only to be followed by the sounds of the late, great Jim Capaldi with I’m Gonna Do It.

It feels like the night that Liverpool has been missing: flamboyant, free and fearless. That goes for both the music and crowd. Everyone is accepted here. It’s great to see a group of DJs looking like they’re really enjoying themselves on the decks; there are smiles all round. Not too serious or stiff. The lights come down while the last song plays and the crowd makes for the exit, reluctantly. There remains a big group of dancers even until the end. The seal of approval for a good night.

It’s only a matter before this is the event that everyone wants to go to in the city.

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