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  • DROHNE x Veed
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Deep Hedonia @ 24 Kitchen Street 2/4/15

Is there any better way to kick-start the Easter bank holiday weekend’s debauchery than the full frontal assault hosted by AV maestros Deep Hedonia? Knowing the night can only get harder, starting proceedings with JC is a savvy move. His Lynchian industrial clicks, clangs and drones build and collapse; the swelling soundscapes meander along, coming to a head as BODIES ON EVEREST slink on stage and bring the noise. Now the night begins in earnest. Strobing lights cast the band in silhouette as they prowl the floor, slowly dismantling the drum kit. What would normally appear painfully artsy actually complements the delightfully abrasive sludge gushing out of the speakers, providing the perfect set up for big lad SAMUEL KERRIDGE.

Taking the place of rigid 4/4 beats in Kerridge’s live set is a tightly focused percussion, built methodically in real time, yet it is not necessarily rhythmic. In actuality it feels more like a natural fit to a krautrock set than a DJ set, given that this is the role krautrock played in heavily influencing the genre’s forebears in early-80s Detroit. Taking his noise and metal influences and running with them, velocity and intensity ebbs and flows throughout Kerridge’s set. Yet as soon as he seems to be bringing things to a logical close, he wrong-foots you and takes the music in another, equally interesting direction. Nonetheless, he manages to capture the pure ecstasy and sheer joy you only feel when nails techno tracks really kick in.

A point of contention with the crowd tonight is the sequencing of artists, as good as DROHNE x VEED and TOMASU are, splicing them between Kerridge and closing act BLENKY is somewhat nonsensical. This stems from the fact  that while DROHNE, Veed and Tomasu all undoubtedly exist on the techno continuum, they all heed more to the minimalistic/dub end of things (whilst keeping things suitably dark), whilst Cold Blooded resident Blenky favours the same nails and noise side of which Kerridge is a leading purveyor.

Channelling the likes of SHXCXCHCXSH, both DROHNE x Veed and Tomasu provide a needed breather between Kerridge and Blenky. With air raid sirens and Red Place, it’s clear the glorious mayhem Blenky provides underlines the night and kick-starts yet another weekend of Bank Holiday revelry with one of the smoothest sets he’s played in Liverpool (well, smooth is the wrong word when it comes to nails-down-the-board techno, but you get the picture). Well done Deep Hedonia, the question needn’t have been asked.

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