Bramley Moore Dock 29/10/16

Tonight Liverpool hosts one of the biggest events of the year at Bramley Moore Dock, VEVO Halloween which is featuring artists such as IZZY BIZU, AURORA, JACK GARRATT, ZARA LARSSON and BLOSSOMS. The venue is full of all kinds of people, head to toe in wonderful costumes I’ve seen Ghostbusters, a squid and even Donald Trump, everyone is full of energy and patiently waiting for the party to all begin. This is going to be a very interesting night with a mixture of all different kinds of artists and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. A lot of time and effort has been put into this by VEVO and they have done nothing but impress us all so far.

IZZY BIZU is first to take to stage tonight with the most dazzling dress to be seen, her powerful voice sings out to the crowd echoing around creating a beautiful atmosphere while everyone around me dances along cheering and singing to this incredible performers music. The crowd couldn’t be more than ready right now as she begins to sing White Tiger her biggest hit to date, the crowd are really beginning to get more involved and everyone appears to be enjoying the sheer talent that is to be witnessed on stage.

Were all stood here patiently waiting for the incredible AURORA to appear on stage, suddenly the curtain drops and in front of us all reveals the most incredible purple backdrop looking something quite out of a fairytale book, rather striking. Her voice illuminates the venue and causes us all to move around in a swaying motion, her voice is so soothing and radiant, it’s beautiful and she’s creating an atmosphere that is rather had to just put in words, it’s a pretty magical show to see and be a part of.

The curtains drop and everyone around me starts screaming and chanting, this is definitely a JACK GARRATT kind of crowd tonight, I feel as if I’m surrounded by a load of his fans as they’re singing along to every single song. Garratt is amazing live the sheer talent he has to play all those instruments in his one-man band is something rather incredible and it’s really interesting to see him do this. The crowd is growing bigger and bigger and more screaming fans have begun to surround me, it’s magical really the room is just full with happy fans dancing along to the beat of every song.

The countdown begins for the fourth time and everyone seems a little bit more excited than before, rising star ZARA LARSSON takes to stage in the most brilliant Maleficent costume wowing the whole crowd. I am completely mesmerised by the choreography of Larsson’s set as she sings her biggest hits Never Forget You and Lush Life for such a young musician the power in her voice is unbelievable and the presence and confidence she has on stage is admiring, she is a brilliant performer and inspiration and I definitely think she is a highlight of tonight. I don’t think I can see one person standing still anywhere, everyone bounces along to the music with laughter and happiness filling the air creating a wonderful aura.

The lads from Stockport BLOSSOMS take place to headline with some pretty brilliant costumes that hadn’t been seen until they took their places on stage, this is definitely what everyone in the room had been waiting for – excited faces fill the venue and the loudest screams I’ve heard all night echo all around. They’ve opened with one of their most known songs At Most A Kiss which really has kicked off the crowd good style and got everyone jumping up and down to the beat of the song. Tom Ogden really knows how to get his crowds going and places some of their biggest hits. Not one song has caused a silent crowd, fans are everywhere to be seen all around me whether dancing around or screaming the lyrics out whilst sat up on someone’s shoulders.

As they finish with their biggest hit Charlemagne it causes mayhem in the crowd, you can hear the fans singing just as loud as Tom at this point and the atmosphere is just absolutely unbelievable. I think everyone was just a bit devastated that they waited so long and only got to see half a set.

This event has been a truly incredible experience and what better place to have it than Liverpool a massive music city! It was a brilliant night and everyone left with a huge smile on their face. The whole set up of the night has been unreal and you can really tell how much time and effort has been put into making this night what it is and making it special for each and every person who attended. I look forward to next year!

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