Photography: John Johnson


EVOL @ Invisible Wind Factory 2/12/16

Within the out-of-town metropolis of the Invisible Wind Factory, THE VRYLL SOCIETY are performing a mesmeric homecoming gig to their large and growing fan-base. Hot off the back of a UK tour with Blossoms, the lads arrive on stage with plenty of Scouse swagger and a highly-polished set of psychedelia. Lead singer Michael Ellis dances through the dry ice like an indie-kid ape man. His physical style may be reminiscent of his baggy forefathers, but, within this warehouse monument to futurism, The Vryll Society are moving forward on the evolutionary scale of sound with archetypes Ian Brown, Richard Ashcroft and Tim Burgess falling further back on the linear timeline. The Vryll Society’s sound possesses a Northern soul that is much more trippy, experimental and likely to take you off the urban hymn book to higher planes of reality.

With all this talk of creation it might be a good opportunity to tell you that the songs they are performing are sexy with a lysergic intelligence that renders the need for any time teleportal machine back to the 60s defunct – although such devices would look right at home in the Invisible Wind Factory’s space age surrounds. Their debut single, Deep Blue Skies is one such mellow stroke over the eyes of reality, combining dreamscapes and chords that both anchor the mind and create a sense of inner spaciousness. That is before our hypnotic journey is called back in by a drumbeat and the familiar call to funk of wakka-wakka guitar riffs to set the crowd dancing. Beautiful Faces progressively beats and strains before pausing every now and again for rhythm and euphoria. The Vryll Society are giving us a stylish yet experimental ride through psychedelia that frees itself, and the crowd, with its mix of polished spontaneity; the quality of each live song reflecting their daily practice. Michael Ellis leaves the stage at the end of the set, while his long-haired counterparts play on in a rolling instrumental of groove. Formerly called Dirty Rivers, The Vryll Society are a band that are beginning to reap the benefits of their development with Liverpool label Deltasonic and are undoubtedly on the path to higher planes of success.

Bido Lito Liverpool Bido Lito Liverpool