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Evol and Harvest Sun @ Invisible Wind Factory 7/12/18

A sort of ethereal daze surrounds me as the words “I’ve never been a fan of reviews” roll off BRAD STANK’s tongue. Well, I’m sorry Brad, but Bido Lito! are here tonight. With his combination of psych, soul and pop, he has the whole room swaying with songs such as Pond Weed – something his bassist may have amusingly had too much of. A Sunday morning vibe encompasses the room on this very Friday night. Brad has been one to watch out for a while now and 2018 has definitely been his year following the release of his debut album, Eternal Slowdown.

SPILT drag me back to the start of the weekend. A musical scream, a reminder to do whatever the hell I want. There’s also a slight fear that I might have stepped into an asylum, not a music venue, such is the shrill echo of their sound. Donning a jumpsuit, lead singer Mo grabs the mic as well as everyone’s attention. An unusual blend of grunge and punk contrast the earlier tranquil atmosphere, but with THE ORIELLES as headliners, it seems only right to have support acts that also refuse to sit in a box, refuse to conform to just one genre.

After a deep breath and a drink, I’ve just about recovered from the shock of SPILT when that unanimous silence fills the room, I guess now is the time to get back to the front of the crowd. As The Orielles step on stage, I recognise Henry Wade (guitar, vocals) as the guy who was rocking out next to me just moments earlier. I immediately know this is going to be amazing. Now this guy wears his devil-may-care attitude on his sleeve, and along with bandmate Alex Stephens (keys), he doesn’t just have the audience bouncing, but the stage too. With a multitude of musical instruments, most of which I last saw in school, The Orielles’ originality feels even more ingenious, they’ve taken something from the shadows of our memories and made it cool. Whistle, cowbells, double block guiro, this band almost don’t need vocals.

Almost. Sugar Tastes Like Salt demonstrates how amazing the band is with limited vocal content. Their brand new single, Bobbi’s Second World, is a fine example of how the band are increasing the presence of the inquisitive and airy vocals of Esmé Hand-Halford, it’s all complemented by the rather bizarre and, at times, amusing vocal sound effects that Henry Wade and Sidonie Hand-Halford (drums, vocals) produce. This band use everything in their power to blend and unite the weird and wonderful aspects of everything that they love. In some ways, this four-piece have created a Yorkshire version of Superorganism. The Northerner in me beams with pride watching them shake things up. Rules? Not in this building, not tonight.

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