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Harvest Sun @ District 5/8/21

Following multiple attempts to reschedule their original 2020 UK tour dates, Lancaster psych-punk duo THE LOVELY EGGS have finally managed to get back on the road and celebrate last year’s release of their incredible album I Am Moron, along with their latest single, the Iggy Pop collaboration I, Moron. From Manchester to Nottingham, the Eggs have documented their return to the live music scene on social media – through ‘stage door’ video tours and the Eggs’ POV audience photos – leaving anticipation high for their final tour date in Liverpool.

It has been 17 months since I was last at a gig, but upon entering the hallowed doors of District, it seems like no time has passed at all. I am back in my element at last, pint in hand, and ready to embrace live music again. I have fucking missed this! And what better way to start off the night than through the electro disco noise punk of AKDK. Smashing through songs from 2017’s Patterns/Harmonics and 2020’s Shared Particles, the Brighton duo provide an aural assault; flawlessly blending double drum kit fuelled motorik beats, vocal mantras, and synth-driven melodies to create kinetic lo-fi soundscapes.

Retreating after their set to the merch table, I spend the interval (and a couple of quid) purchasing a 12″ copy of AKDK’s latest LP before THICK RICHARD takes to the stage with his well-crafted wordplay and foul-mouthed poetry. Even a technical failure can’t deter the Mancunian from delivering obscenely cynical, hilarious observations on everything from getting shitfaced at music festivals to the downfall of Morrissey, aka “the first of the gang to die who didn’t actually die!”

The Lovely Eggs continue to perform their magic [...], casting a spell on the mosh pit of young and aging rockers

As the sonic drone of Long Stem Carnations punctuates the air, married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell take to the stage; the Eggs launching into their I Am Moron opener as the Scouse crowd erupt into a frenzy. Blasting into the psychedelic stratosphere with This Decision, the energy in District becomes almost tangible. And as Holly screams “this decision is all mine / it’s all part of the design,” her scuzz guitar held aloft, you can just tell that the Eggs are feeding off that energy; putting every single ounce of their own into this set.

The Lovely Eggs continue to perform their magic with the kaleidoscopic Witchcraft, casting a spell on the mosh pit of young and aging rockers, a frequent wave of bodies crash into each other with every one of David’s drum strikes. Another This is Eggland classic, Wiggy Giggy, results in a euphoric tongue twister sing-a-long (“wiggy giggy giggy wiggy wiggy giggy giggy”) providing the foundation for the Egg’s deft riffs, punk-y percussion, and layered sonic psychedelia.

Banter between songs proves that the Eggs are ecstatic to be back up North; appreciative of our participation in their collective chaos. Sweary scarfs (from the Eggs’ merch table) are held high during the cathartic Fuck It– another opportunity for Liverpool gig-goers to demonstrate their vocal range- before The Lovely Eggs turn it up to eleven with their weird-as-fuck art punk masterpiece, Still Second Rate. But the highlight of the night comes from the closing indie punk anthem, Don’t Look at Me (I Don’t Like It), and the explosive brilliance occurring on and off the stage.

With their DIY spirit and punk rock attitude, The Lovely Eggs have everyone transfixed. If you’re not singing along, you are dancing, pogoing, and/or moshing with a washing line smile and two sausage roll thumbs in the air.


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