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Harvest Sun @ Hangar 34 5/10/18

TELEMAN are unashamedly good. In fact, they’re one of the best bands around at the moment. Their latest album, Family Of Aliens, is innovative and instantly catchy in the Teleman vein. The interest around the tour for this album only reflects their growing popularity. The fact they choose to play venues such as Hangar 34 means there’s an intimacy to this gig, a chance to get up close and personal with a band whose talent suggests they should be playing venues of a much larger size.

Thankfully they’re not. Hangar 34 is the perfect venue and atmosphere for Teleman to thrive in. Even halfway through a tour that takes in most of the UK and a fair bit of Europe, there’s a gentle easiness to the band and an energy on stage that’s infectious. If the rather eye-catching shirts worn by lead singer Tom Sanders and bassist Pete Cattermoul reflect their enthusiasm, Liverpool’s in for a good night.

Kicking off with Fun Destruction and following it with Tangerine, the audience is given a glimpse of the excellent hooks and melodies at which Teleman excel. Mixed in are favourites from their earlier albums: Steam Train Girl is welcomed like an old friend.

They revel in the music; Cattermoul dances around the stage, at one point indulging in a little Status Quo-esque rocking. At the other end of the scale, Hiro Amamiya (drums) and Jonny Sanders (synths) just get on with the job quietly, calmly doing their thing. It’s well-rehearsed and thought through, but it comes naturally. They create catchy, pop-infused rock with ease.

The crowd is receptive and loyal, even if they are rather static at times. There’s a sense that a lot of them have rocked along since 2014’s Breakfast, and there are genuine flutters of excitement about the introduction of Teleman pin badges to the merchandise stall, and again later on when the set-list, written as a watercolour painting, is tossed out to the crowd.

Trailing round the country touring a new album might get tiresome, but Teleman’s exuberance isn’t dampened: their joy in the music is absolutely at the forefront of what they do and there’s a warmth to their performance which the crowd mirror and understand.

The encore of two contrasting songs reflect Teleman’s ability to cover the gamut of emotions. The melancholia and beauty of Cristina is followed by the frenetic defiance of I’m Not In Control, which gets the crowd jumping.

It’s a night of perfectly pitched rock-pop from an intelligent and creative band. It’s fun and it’s wonderful. Roll on the next gig.

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