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EVOL @ District 22/12/15

Having had an extremely eventful year supporting the likes of Blur and embarking on their own nationwide tour, SUGARMEN deserve a well-earned Christmas rest. However before doing so they have decided to give the fans one last festive treat. Arriving at District, music is already blasting through the redbrick as provided by tonight’s DJs, THE VYRLL SOCIETY, whetting the appetite of Red Stripe drinkers and band’s relatives alike.

First up are the Scouse sons of Strummer themselves, BRASSHAUS. Playing beautifully shambolic fast paced punk with a Twenty First Century indie twist the local three piece manage to channel the Spirit of ’77 whilst dodging every cliché along the way. There are no dodgy Mohawks, studded leather jackets or Anarchy symbols here just snarling lips and back to basics raw garage rock riffs. These lads may only be at the bottom of rung but with their pull no punches approach, it doesn’t look likely they’ll stay there for long.

Now to bring a little decorum to things, replacing thrashing guitars and riotous yells with a dulcet brown note is GO FIASCO.  Marketing themselves as sludge pop, the band create a cacophonous sound with likenesses to The Vaccines having created an offspring with The National. Their brand of slow sophisticated rock has an atmosphere and tension to it which is lent to a stadium environment. However, despite the venue not being the most ideal of settings for the rather serious five piece they do not let this hinder them creating a monumentous noise which fills and resonates around the crumbling brick interior.

Having impressed with their refined rock and roll, GO FIASCO make way for PINK KINK. The band have a reputation as somewhat of an enigma on the Liverpool scene. Their ambivalent social profile and a lack of online musical presence means the band tugs hard on your curiosity. Sometimes curiosity leads you to discover what could be one of the most important acts to break in Liverpool in 2016. Grabbing the Christmas theme by the snowballs, as if to make up for where the other bands had failed, the girls arrive on stage clad in tinselled regalia ready to unleash a bag full of unreleased tracks for the audience to gorge on. Playing fast paced punk with even faster vocal delivery they establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

After an absolute showcase of young Liverpool’s alternative talent SUGARMEN find themselves on stage. Having soared this year the four piece look ready to just kick back and enjoy a performance to a crowd that has already won their performance. Despite a prolonged soundcheck the band play a solid set offering up their jangling guitar led ditties. The slight Scouse twang seems rings through the upbeat feel good indie which lends itself to cider soaked sing alongs. The band seem to have found the adrenaline to kickstart the coked up heart of indie, minus the parkas and the faux-mod haircuts. These local lads offer up a good old fashioned rock and roll sing along with no guilt attached.

Matthew Hogarth

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