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I Love Live Events @ O2 Academy 28/9/18

Well before SPINN have even graced the stage, the air is thick and muggy, dense with the excitement and adrenaline of a crowd who are itching to get their teeth stuck into a night of wavy guitar and dreamy pop. A young crowd swamp the front of the venue in big groups, while those older than 20 gather closer near the bar. It has created an interesting distribution among the crowd, highlighting the range of ages and eclectic variety of people drawn here tonight. Clearly Liverpool’s own indie scene is thriving, evidenced by all those here holding down an energy and liveliness to match that of festival performances. The sense of belonging here is apparent in the diversity and friendliness of the crowd, perhaps fuelled by those locals who’ve, evidently, seen SPINN numerous times before.

Easing us into the feel-good vibes of the evening, MONKS deliver a delicious range of textures and tones through a variety of instruments. Their display of dreamy guitar and brassy drums create a mesmerising aura: waves of psychedelic guitar bounce off the heat within the venue, washing over you with their patterning and flowing melodies. This is soon cut through by the raw and heavy drums, providing direction and stability to the pieces. The single Sundried is a stunning development of summer ambience and warm vocals, set off by melodic synth and deep, solid bass.

The crowd erupts as SPINN bound onto the stage; all the colours and array of visuals displayed by each band member is an absolute feast for the eyes. Everyone squeezes in close to fill the gaps close to the stage; it is sweaty and intense with bodies jumping on beat to feel good, intoxicating songs like Notice Me. Strong and catchy guitars lead the performance, guiding us through a medley of textured riffs and bass developments. The cheerful and youthful sound created unites the audience in a wave of nostalgia. Everyone seems truly united, especially for more sombre songs such as It’s Not Getting Better. Frontman Jonny Quinn’s silky dance moves see us follow him around the stage; he engages with the audience throughout and evidently knows how to please. This intense burst of energy is indicative of the vibrancy and talent Liverpool has to offer, and the devoted following that is growing within this music scene in the north. Well done, lads.

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