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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

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Invisible Wind Factory 7/7/19

Watching on as OUR GIRL move into the final sequences of their set, I feel as though I’ve been intruding on a private moment. Perhaps one that only involves the band, their instruments and the sentimentality they harmoniously ooze. The three-piece leave a lasting impact, but the closer verges on being overtly intimate. Soph Nathan and Josh Tyler stand millimetres apart in a breathless moment of passion as the song comes to a close. The short, sharp “thank you” as they depart suggests that they too can see the baffled faces of those stood around me. This one was a bit more Parental Guidance than expected.

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The tension in the room evaporates as ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER stroll on stage for their first ever Liverpool show. With five members, four guitars and three incredible voices, RBCF don’t mess about. Not your typical look-at-the-pretty-front-man-and-ignore-everyone-else kind of band; every member shares the moment under the spotlights, even the guitarist that’s temporarily lost to the smoke machine. With four guitars working as separate entities, we not only get to play spot the bassist as he floats between his compatriots, but we are free to zone in and out of different styles and notes. The Hammer is a blend of sounds that results in the standout song of the night. With spoken word-styled delivery, the song is laid back, but it’s a collected veneer that covers the song’s complexity.

A close second has to be their new track Read My Mind. The lighter air to the song creates an auditory bubble; you happily slip away into RBCF’s world. Indian guitar influences flow through this track, just as The Beatles held onto their overseas inspiration, RBCF present the reduced musical barriers between continents, despite the ever-growing political tensions that surround us.

Not only do RBCF pull out all the stops tonight – so does Liverpool. A tuneful, noisy crowd pays off as the band promise us they will return. Myself and many in the room will undoubtedly hold them to that promise. It’s undeniable that next time they will be bigger and perhaps better for it. I for one will be there cheering them on.

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