Club Cosmos

RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY @ Invisible Wind Factory 8/10/16

The RBMA has been pairing musical legends and emerging beatsmiths since 1998 and tonight’s show is no different as local DJ, OR:LA (recently described as one of the “UK’s most underrated DJs” by THUMP Magazine), kicks things off flaunting her skills as high-paced liquid sounds, funk beats and deep drums pour from the speakers. People and smoke start to fill the room, a cosmic scene starts to materialise, as Red Bull’s self-described Mirrored Kinetic Sculptures embody tonight’s guise – Club Cosmos.

HUNEES is his ever enthusiastic self, and accompanied by his lunchbox mascot and YOUNG MARCO they take the party in the direction of pure party pandemonium. With Hunees’ hyper rhythmic selections and Young Marco’s anthem-like tracks their set ebbs and flows the crowd between pure bouncing ecstasy and 2-step flowing.

Whistles and jeers ignite across the crowd as the night’s star Kenny Dixon Jr. AKA MOODYMANN to adoring fans the world over, steps up to the decks. Moodymann professes that his live shows are just a taster of what to expect at one of his parties back home in Detroit; he is simply bringing his environment to an audience and it is certainly being felt tonight. Hendrix’s Purple Haze grabs the crowd’s attention immediately, as the music is faded out for a game of singalong to ensue. Classics ranging from MK to Michael Jackson are played, with Moody intermittently jumping on the mic shouting “what’s up Liverpool”, in his old school gangsta-esque tones, whilst pouring vodka in the direction of hundreds of raised arms (student loans must be late this year). We are taken through a selection of old, deeper, bassier tunes unlike DJ kicks, which was released earlier this year. RBMA really put a show on tonight in what could have been an over commercial setting and what an advertisement for the newly opened Invisible Wind Factory.

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