Photography: John Latham / @mrjohnlatham

Psycho Comedy

Phase One 15/2/20

In celebration of their debut album Performance Space Number One, Liverpool’s own art collective PSYCHO COMEDY gather with friends and family in a room heightened by genuine prowess.

Their debut projection may have been five years in the making, but time feels irrelevant in the presence of artistic dedication. You can feel the energy in the room. A mere concept brewed in the mind of Shaun Powell, the Psycho Comedy guise reflects the inner workings of his psyche. His art collective has reached a higher level. We are here to witness its elevation.

As the group take to the stage plotted within a sold-out Phase One, Powell emerges wearing a collar dotted with tiny lights. The band rattle through their first few tracks including the self-titled Psycho Comedy, a gritty number that serves as our first introduction to the group’s resident poet, Matthew Thomas Smith, another local creative who has been on our radar recently with his book of poems, Songs, released in November.

Psycho Comedy Image 2

Bursting through their alluring single Pick Me Up, the rest of the band are anchored by the driving, stutter-step drum patterns of Jack Williams, as guitarist Lydia McGhee guides the band through Standin’ and I’m Numb.

Need we mention the endless list of influences to which Psycho Comedy send their praise. The set breathes through the lungs of New York punk, yet this shouldn’t define them – there is plenty of originality aside from the comparison to their idols. Judging by the crowd here this evening, there is endless support for the raw talent which flows through the veins of our city, the very same energy that has illuminated so many before them. Confidence shines through the lyrics in I Am The Silver Screen and it becomes all the more obvious that it’s Psycho Comedy’s turn in the spotlight.

Finishing with an encore, the raucous nature of Michigan State echoes in our eardrums while the band bow in unison to a crowd quite literally shouting for more. I can rest assured that tonight was not only the result of creative dedication, but the beginning of something exciting for a band who have attracted our attention more than once.

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