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I Love Live Events @ Sound Basement 1/12/18

Straight out of his Beatzzeria – otherwise known as his mum’s spare bedroom turned home music studio – and into Sound’s basement, PIZZAGIRL, who is neither a girl nor made of pizza, serves up a night of cheesy 80s synth inspired pop tunes. It’s his first hometown headline show. Now, I don’t mean to say the tracks are cheesy in the unpleasant sense of the word; they are quite the opposite. They’re the equivalent of a four-cheese pizza with a stuffed crust, evenly distributed pepperoni and some pineapple – a classic with an unconventional twist. Everyone wants a slice of it. My penchant for Pizzagirl’s tracks aren’t a secret though, and I’ve been spreading the love to everyone I come into contact with, urging them to take a bite of the action (and follow his genius Instagram account).

Before Pizzagirl takes to the stage to serve up his bedroom pop offerings, smooth talking soul crooner BRAD STANK chills out the crowd with his sultry dark tones and sexy guitar rhythms. It feels like we should all be smoking cigars, while nursing a whisky on a chaise lounges in a jazz bar basement. We’re already in a basement, but if you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the music, you can imagine the rest. It’s the perfect appetiser for the main course.

Pizzagirl – or Liam Brown to his mum – then takes to the stage with his MacBook, synth and Denise in tow. Denise, it turns out, is his new guitar who is also making her debut tonight. After a few technical difficulties, which we will put down to nerves, she helps provide that distinctive Pizzagirl sound.

Diving straight into Body Part, the first track off his recently released Season 2 EP, you can tell the people in the room are well versed on Pizzagirl’s zany pop tunes. Everyone is instantly singing and bopping along. Nostalgia-inducing Gymnasium and stand out track Coffee Shop, with its catchy riffs, stuck in your head for days riffs, continue to keep the toes tapping as he stops service to have a chat with the packed out basement. Throwing in a few songs from his first EP, An Extended Play, including Carseat, a song dedicated to all those people who don’t drive and have the ultimate power in the passenger seat – control of the music – continue the same John Hughes 80s cult movie classic vibes. Ending with new release Blossom At My Feet, Flower and oldies Seabirds and Private Number, a raging applause is instigated from an adoring crowd after a stellar performance.

Pizzagirl creates nostalgic, ironic pop culture tunes from the 80s and early 90s and thrusts them into the 21st Century. It sounds upbeat with dark, sad indie undertones laced throughout the lyrics; think a modern day Morrisey, mixed with the Breakfast Club Soundtrack and Rugrats theme tune. Pizzagirl has come up with a unique sound and it is refreshing to witness something so unique and genuinely fun from someone who was probably only born at the turn of the millennium.

After recently playing Reading and Leeds Festival on the BBC Introducing stage and receiving some impressive radio airplay, it’s not going to be long before the 12” (pizzas) records will be flying out of the Beatzzeria and off the shelves.

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