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Harvest Sun @ Shipping Forecast 14/8/18

Three members, six hands but the sound of 12. You may make the mistake of thinking OMNI are from New York, sonically they could easily fit in to a high calibre lineage of art rock bands from the mean streets of Manhattan. With such wonderfully thoughtful, smart, clear and simple guitar riffs you could make comparisons to people like Tom Verlaine from Television, but in the souls of the songs there’s something very different. As I watch them I come to realise they are something quite out there on their own.

Omni are from Atlanta, Georgia, and maybe it’s just me, but I really do think you can hear something of that in the songs; there’s something of the South in them; an outsider essence.

A striking feature of the gig is how with only three members the band manage to produce a dense sound (Multi-Task was a good album title choice). Guitarist Frank Broyles appears to be playing two riffs at a time; drummer Doug Bleichner is relentlessly thundering forward, hitting each drum with the same velocity as the last; and vocalist/bass player Philip Frobos is effortlessly plucking away at the bass strings while delivering a cool, calm and unique vocal, one that’s instantly recognisable. He does all this from a position of ease. The bass riffs themselves perfectly weave their way in between the guitar riffs that seem to be emitting from more than just one human.

Omni make their way through their albums, Multi-task and Deluxe, with a sense of ease (but most certainly not complacency) in what feels like a pretty short space of time. They even have time for an unplanned encore following enthusiastic demand. For me, that’s how any good show should feel: effortless and emphatic.

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