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  • Nimmo – Halem
Arts Club 18/10/16

Just minutes after the doors open, Arts Club is already bustling and buzzing with anticipation. It’s a Tuesday evening, which means that most of the people in here will have something to wake up for tomorrow, but this feels like a Friday night celebration.

Local duo HALEM open up proceedings as if they’re headlining, the duo delivering a powerful and self-assured set that serves as a great start to the show. Stylistically there seems to be a mix of Alicia Keys’ neo-soul and contemporary and Disclosure-esque house beats. Everyone is moving. It’s just lovely.

The second support act of the night exacerbate the party vibes; NIMMO stride on stage with a heavy house dance repertoire. The band are an energetic live act but, unfortunately, somewhat innocuous in their sound. They have some tracks, such as My Only Friend and UnYoung, that stand out and inject some adrenaline into the crowd. For the most part, though, they seem to be a typical dance/house outfit, with perhaps some tenuous links to the likes of The Knife.

Finally, onto the stage comes MØ, first alone, then joined with bandmates, before diving into a lush and long set. Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen commands the stage from the off with her aura of mystery and dances almost non-stop throughout the night. She possesses an incredible voice aided by a wonderful, warm charisma that unites everyone in the room.

The band are tight and lively; drummer Rasmus Littauer hits hard and drives the set with a fierce momentum. Adding to this is the crowd interaction: MØ herself ventures out into the fevered crowd multiple times throughout the set, at one point even climbing aboard the bar at the side of the stage and singing with ferocity as her and the crowd share an intense moment. She storms through songs such as Red In The Grey, Dust Is Gone and Drum, adding more passion to as each song passes. MØ is adored by the audience and she adores them back; she’s in the crowd as much as she’s on the stage.

After leaving the stage to an almost deafening roar from the crowd, an encore is offered with three or four more numbers. The final track is the momentous Lean On, which brings a wild end to a colourful and diverse set from a colourful and diverse performer.

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