Liverpool Music Week @ Invisible Wind Factory and North Shore Troubadour 4/11/17

The final chapter is always reserved for the manic dash between acts at LMW’s Closing Party, where local luminaries rub shoulders and share stages with contemporary stars. Split across two levels in the Invisible Wind Factory, and with early afternoon sets in the nearby Northshore Troubadour, this year’s LMW Closing Party is the whole festival in microcosm.

Down in the Wind Factory’s Substation, RICO DON and his fleet are trying their best to rouse a scattered and bashful audience. Rico ignites his own energy, not perturbed or constrained by the small attendance, his unbounded Scouse aggression clattering around the foundations of the basement venue. More bodies arrive for SUEDEBROWN’s set, yet, the attendance is still unbefitting to his quality mix of trap/grime/soul and bass-laden hip hop. Although, the crowd begin to unwind, the space in front of the stage begins to resemble an active and animated dancefloor.

There is a strong determination in SHOGUN as he takes to the stage for his slot before headliner AJ TRACEY. Having felt the bitter sting of disappointment of missing out on supporting Nas in Glasgow (following an arrest on the night of the show) he seems intent on making his mark outside of Glasgow. The young Paisley-based MC paces the stage, demanding retort from the audience, as the energy in the crowd courses. He displays a fiery eloquence; his lyrics are considered and introspective, portraying a deep confession of angst and pain, that – in songs like Vulcan – floats close to the agony of Yung Lean.


Liverpool Music Week Closing Party 2017 Image

Upon re-entering the room, the energy is palpable; a wall of smartphones now illuminates the stage, their supportive limbs bob, weave and collide with each other whilst AJ Tracey leans and cranes over them and delivers his old tales of young, gritty urban life in the west side of London. Having found a sharp rise in success over the past year – in-part catalysed by a shout-out from Drake – AJ Tracey has drawn a committed following tonight, there seems a sense amongst these, that they are witnessing the unique burst of ascendency in its infancy.

EVERYTHING EVERYTHING pack the main upstairs space at Invisible Wind Factory. The crowd seem eager and many appear have turned up for them alone, as more bodies filter in from the backdoors. They begin with high energy and ride on this throughout, the majority of the set is scattered with songs from their latest release A Fever Dream, although they sweeten the crowd with popular hits Distance Past, Kemosabe from their past albums, and end the night with an impassioned version of Reptiles. The performance is very professional, with no real intense highs or lows that fail to grab the attention of the small groups scattered at the back. However, the large section at the front, in clear adoration, go away with a satisfying surfeit of indie pop.

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