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Just Mustard

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EVOL @ Arts Club 11/10/19

With South London having stolen the limelight for exciting new bands in the last few years, 2019 has seen the rise of Ireland.. It’s arguably down to one band and one band alone. Having pushed all sonic boundaries, Girl Band’s debut album in 2015 broke down barriers for a whole new breed of Irish bands and this new wave of Irish guitar music is underpinned by the ability to marry harmony with sonic exploration.

Bands such as Fontaines DC, whose ability to propel romanticised poetry through melodic post punk has captured minds on both sides of the Atlantic, The Claque, The Murder Capital and Sinead O’Brien are key proponents of this exciting new era of Irish music alongside an ever growing experimental hip-hop scene and so much more.

One band who has been bubbling under the surface but is perhaps one of the most exciting prospects is JUST MUSTARD. With stellar support from PILLOW QUEENS and TALK SHOW, tonight is a tough show to pass up.

Talk Show, the British outlier tonight, have been tearing down venues across the country. Tonight is no different. Very much in the current vogue, the London quartet offer up relentless post-punk which hits harder with each song. A frantic tour de force, singer Harrison Swann offers up gruff intensity. It’s no surprise that they’ve been picked up by both Yala! and Council Records.

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Pillow Queens offer a change of pace, swapping sheer intensity for something slightly warmer. Melding elements of anthemic indie pop with lo-fi, they back this up with infectious earworms. Their between-song patter straddles the line between pleasantly awkward and charming. You can see why they’ve already found fans in the likes of SOAK and The Rubberbandits own Blind Boy. Their set is a joyous affair, filled to the brim with hooks.

The warmth onstage quickly fades away with the arrival of tonight’s headliners, who skip the introductions, going straight from tuning into the music. From the offset, we are plunged headfirst into a pool of noise forced through a plethora of pedals. Among the swirls of distortion and feedback, the soft lull of singer Katie Ball floats hauntingly as her eyes dart around the room, the rest of the band’s heads to the ground. Lost in the cataclysm that surrounds us, we close our eyes for a while to focus on the elements, the textures and tones. Moments of uneasy quiet burst into anxiety ridden blasts. The band that stand before us are one who may still be developing, but they are a presence which etches itself on your mind. Their hold is one of a band well beyond their years, capturing a sheer energy with near no movement nor interaction during the set.

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