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Jon Hopkins

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ENRG @ Invisible Wind Factory 30/3/18

Originally planned for November 2017, JON HOPKINS’ set at Invisible Wind Factory still draws the crowd when it eventually takes place over Easter weekend. It seems like everyone packed in has been happy enough to wait it out.

Making the trip down to the North Docks after visiting Kazimier’s Feast Of Fire event at St. George’s Hall marks a strange dichotomy; from family-friendly fire dancers to an all-out, out-late club night.

Going under the moniker of their touring show A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE, Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston play all night long in the Wind Factory’s basement substation. Mellower than the kind of sets you’d experience from a Weatherall solo show at, say, a festival, ALFOS’ mantra of “never knowingly exceed 122bpm” makes for a much slower, hypnotic, dub-influenced show; enjoyable, but on this occasion eclipsed by Jon Hopkins.


"A pioneer of ambient music, Hopkins’ show is a total sensory experience"

Upstairs, ENRG’s main show proper is in full swing, and a completely different vibe; while an older crowd enjoyed the expertly smooth ALFOS playlist, Jon Hopkins draws an equally awe-struck, younger crowd, entranced by his phenomenal, geometrically blinding visuals (courtesy of longtime collaborator Dan Tombs) and a pitch perfect set. A pioneer of ambient music, Hopkins’ show is a total sensory experience, with sweeping spotlights dictating the mood of the crowd in line with the narrative of each track.

Hopkins often uses found-sound samples to build his tracks, layering audio clips live at his shows to create unique, organic scores. Hot off the back of his latest single release, the glitch-infused Emerald Rush and coupled with the enveloping sheets of light raining down on the audience, the overall effect is completely alluring.

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