Photography: Molly Norris / @clarathecarefreechicken

Jane Weaver

Loops In The Secret Society @ Leaf 18/10/18

“There’s a lot going on back here, believe me,” says JANE WEAVER from behind a mountain of equipment. She says this to an enrapt audience upstairs at Leaf. She’s not messing, there’s heaps of equipment – luckily Weaver is in control. She moves around the stage with calm authority using the various instruments to create a world of sound which can only be described as spellbinding.

This tour, Loops In The Secret Society, includes songs from two of her albums, last year’s Modern Kosmology and 2014’s The Silver Globe. It sees Weaver accompanied only by hypnotising visuals which play on a screen behind her, creating layered sounds which are so beautiful the whole room is caught in a quiet reverie.

The images played on a loop behind Weaver complement the sounds and create a multi-sensory evening. It’s as if the audience are encapsulated in a womb, safe away from the real world outside. Weaver obviously has a clear idea of the feelings she wants to create in her audience: time spent in various indie bands and creative musical enterprises means she knows her stuff and has the confidence to go beyond the ordinary.

She does this through sheer hard work, but it could be sleight of hand and magic as she makes it seem so effortless. Her talents are deftly displayed as she changes between instruments seamlessly.

Then there’s her voice. It is pure and captivating. She uses the aforementioned loops of the tour’s title to create layers of cosmic and textured sounds which sound heavenly: a stellar choir answering an angel’s call. It’s woven from magic but substantial enough to carry its notes with confidence. Further depth is cleverly added as Weaver plays 7” singles of her own voice as backing tracks. Her voice comes with such ease that she seems otherworldly in a flowing gown, a radiance emanating from her.

The candlelit Leaf makes for an intimate performance; everything is packed on to the tiny stage leaving every move exposed. It’s brave; there’s nowhere to hide and any mistake would be played out in front of the packed room. The pressure must be huge, but Weaver is completely in control, with relaxed chat in between songs where she downplays the magic. But even this easy chat leaves us intoxicated by her words.

The audience is open to journeying to a world far from the reality outside on a Thursday night in Liverpool. It’s a radical approach which definitely pays off and its success is testament to Weaver’s playfulness, vision and talent. It’s simply divine.

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