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Positive Vibration @ District 1/9/17

When a legend walks onto a stage, there is always going to be a little trepidation mixed in with that excitement and awe. For with age comes disenchantment and infirmity. There’s always a little voice at the back of your head thinking ‘Will they be any good? Will they care?’

The longer a career an artist has, and the more performances under the belt, the greater the risk that you will be paying to see someone going through the motions. Only a few weeks ago, this writer saw another legend and left disappointed (disclaimer: it was NOT a Positive Vibrations show).



HORACE ANDY has been making music for half a century, and has amassed more hits than you could shake a stick at. While many may assume that his work with Massive Attack was what brought him wide acclaim, it was actually more the reverse of this; Andy has been smashing out incredible records since the early 70s and his involvement certainly helped Massive Attack take the leap from underground act to festival headliners.

His openness to a collaboration with the then relatively unknown Bristol outfit is testament to his enduring passion for creation and for music, and that passion is still evident to all who are lucky enough to see him at District.

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Ably backed by Mafia & Fluxy, we’re treated to a legend in full flow, a 66-year-old skanking, sweating and dancing his way through a wide selection of tracks including Hymn Of The Big Wheel, Skylarkin, Leave Rasta and Ain’t No Sunshine. Vibrant, emotive and mesmerising. Not every ‘legend’ gig meets expectations; some, like this one, exceed.

Hats off to Positive Vibrations, who as their name suggest are a force for good in such interesting times as these. Rarely have I ever seen such diverse crowds as at these shows – all ages, all backgrounds, all dancing and smiling. If, like many, you dread the next bit of bad news in the paper, this writer humbly suggests a dose of Good Vibrations as an antidote.

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