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Grime of the Earth 2 @ 24 Kitchen Street 3/3/16

Grime Of The Earth are a grime crew hailing from Liverpool’s L8 area. Toxteth has a long, gritty, history, and so it seems to fit perfectly well that grime music would emanate from the area. Grime MCs have a story to tell, as do the people of Toxteth, so it would seem, on the face of it at least, to be a perfect marriage. Tonight is the second of their showcase nights that aim to bring a platform to the varied talents of this oft-forgotten seam of Liverpool music.

Upon arrival at the venue, we’re greeted with complimentary fried chicken and rum punch. The fried chicken, who we were reliably informed has been rustled up by “Ben’s Dad”, starts things off quite nicely. With the meet and greet out of the way, it’s on to the music. The crowd is as much of a mix as you could expect, and for what is generally regarded as being ‘black music’ there’s a great deal of inter-culturalism at play, which is great to see. We need more of this kind of shit.

First up on the mic are C-Two, Wavey Joe, Zee and Kane, all young L8 lads who spit bars faster than a tommy gun rattles off shots. Their rhymes were very reminiscent of Skinnyman, except that rather than MCing about the ends they’re telling their story about experiences growing up on the streets of L8. Perhaps the similarity also comes from the speed at which they’re rapping.

RUGZ DELETE join the young MCs up on stage at several points throughout the night, giving them a run for their money, and GULLY DREAD makes his West Midlands presence known as he takes to the mic with a brutal lyrical assault.

LING and LONGIE blow the roof off Kitchen Street deck-wise, with Ling playing a more down-tempo, grime and dubstep-influenced set compared to Longie’s more up-tempo bassline flava, which drops it down into a more dubby vibe when the MCs take to the stage once again.

It would’ve been nice to have seen just a touch more organisation in terms of who was playing and when, but that goes against the whole punk ethos of a grime night, which espouses chaos in its lyrics. And when it makes for a bouncing night with fully-hyped energy levels, who cares? Bring on the next one!

Ste Knight / @stemachine

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