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Goat Girl

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Liverpool Music Week: DIY Breaking Out @ EBGBS 2/11/17

Headlining the Thursday night of Breaking Out for Liverpool Music Week, South London’s GOAT GIRL have certainly broken through to the indie masses recently, supporting the likes of Moonlandingz and The Lemon Twigs over the past year and gaining great critical acclaim and attention with their singles Country Sleaze and Crow Cries. I head into EBGBS for what looks like being the forecast of punk for 2018.

First band on, WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE, are raucous, psychedelic and surfy, and probably as close as you’ll get to a quintessential Scouse punk sound in 2017. They’re followed by MINCEMEAT, who remind me a lot of Hatcham Social. You can still see their punk influences, even though the basslines and melodies make for less of a sonic assault than Wild Fruit Art Collective. Accessibility doesn’t mean Mincemeat lose anything in their punk credentials. SHY BILLY’s straight-up rock and roll seems slightly out of place on this roster. Nonetheless, their upbeat, no-nonsense heavy sound is still fun and infectious.

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Headliners Goat Girl have to follow all of these acts and exceed expectations, and they certainly do. They’ve had a line-up change to their live setup with the addition of a violist and synth player, giving them a Raincoats-esque dimension to their already simplistic, post-punk sound. It hits me that lead singer Lottie’s vocals remind me a lot of Suburban Lawns too, and lyrics about a creep on a train cut no corners in regards to dealing with the everyday sexism women face. It’s kind of interesting that they’re the only female-fronted band on the line-up; although outnumbered here, the mix of artists across the whole festival bill is actually fairly even – which is reassuring given that some major festivals have foolishly neglected the plethora of talented female artists touring in the UK when assembling their line-ups.

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